44 graduate students present research during annual showcase event

Presentations during the 2019 Graduate School Research Showcase.
Presentations during the 2019 Graduate School Research Showcase.

More than 40 graduate students from the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences; the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences; the College of Business; and the College of Education; presented their results and findings in a variety of topics in the annual Graduate School Research Showcase May 3 in the Gallogly Events Center.

The third annual showcase of graduate work compliments the Mountain Lion Research Day in the fall and the Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum in the spring.

Each student, sorted alphabetically, with their academic program, title of their work, is included below:

  • Mazen Alrahili (physics): Near Infrared Heating of Gold Nano-materials for Use in Photothermal Therapy
  • Philip Batterson (biology): Interpreting the relationship between non-invasive measures of skeletal muscle oxygenation and human performance: A new biometric frontier
  • Anna Bauer (health promotion): Evaluation of an Interprofessional Collaboration: A Student and Expert View
  • Nicole Beutell (psychology): Facebook Support Group for Mothers of Children with Autism
  • Jacob Bone (strength and conditioning): Performance and Anthropometric Correlates of Countermovement Jump performance
  • Katasha Dawson (communication): Textual Analysis of Avowedly Sexually Empowering Instagram Accounts: Expressions of Sexual Empowerment Exemplified in Social Media
  • Kaleb DeFreese (athletic training): An analysis of shoulder internal and external rotation of fire academy cadets: A descriptive study
  • Anna Doyel (athletic training): Content Analysis of NCAA Mental Health Policies and Procedures
  • Maryanne Fitzgerald (athletic training): Analysis of Four Years of Shoulder Injury in Professional Rodeo.
  • Nina Ellis Frischmann (leadership, research and policy): There is no difference: Comparing the academic outcomes between students by admission type after completion of a Calculus class in a regional university in Colorado
  • Eric Gaulke (chemistry): Analysis of PFC concentrations over time in soil at Venetucci Farm
  • Katalin Grajzel (psychological sciences) Validating the Statistics Anxiety Scale – What are We Really Measuring?
  • Katie Granier (clinical psychology): The Magic of Music: What Animated Musical Numbers Really Portray to Children
  • Tim Haas (business administration): Athletic Team Dynamics and Development
  • Trent Hovenga (health promotion): Diabetes Prevention: An Academic-Community Pilot Program
  • Kelly Johnson (sports nutrition): The effects of nutrition education on individuals with Parkinson’s disease
  • Faith King (biochemistry): Expression of a Heterologous Protein in Magnetospirillum magneticum
  • Jessica Kledzinski (athletic training): Preventative shoulder rehabilitation for the rough stock rodeo athlete
  • Emily Kulakowski (strength and conditioning): Relationship between absolute and relative power to linear speed in NCAA Division II women’s lacrosse players.
  • Marissa Lammon (communication) Dead Serious: Death Presentations in Children’s Animated Media
  • Emily Maiurro (health promotion): The Relationship Between Health Coaching, Goal Achievement, and Biometrics
  • Sara Meyer (athletic training): Interrater Reliability of the Functional Movement Screen: A Pilot Study
  • Margarita Meza-Whitlatch (psychology): Moral Kombat: Worldview Challenge and Cognitive Load Effects on Death Thought Accessibility
  • Michael Michaud (chemistry): Analysis of Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs)
  • Jordan Moses (strength and conditioning): Interrater and intrarater reliability of the front plank measures using video motion capture application
  • Michelle Murphy (athletic training): High School Coaches’ Knowledge of Lightning Safety
  • Phuong Nguyen (chemistry): Sugars and Amino Acids Analysis in Aphid Honeydew by HILIC chromatography
  • Sydney Nolan (psychology) Preliminary Psychometrics of a New Measure of the DSM-5 Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Jenna Polselli (sports nutrition): Utilizing Ultrasound, DXA & ISAK Skinfolds Body Composition Measurements to Predict Exercise Performance
  • Kristin Porter (health promotion): “More than an Exercise Class” An Evaluation of Physical and Psychosocial Health in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease
  • Cianna Reider (communication): TBD – The Effects of YA Media on Mental Health Perceptions
  • Sara Rodriguez (biochemistry): Influence of Translocations on Genomic Organization and Gene Expression in Neurospora Crassa
  • Yuka Sanui (sports nutrition): Farm to Institution: Reimagining the Lunch Hour
  • Derek Savage (strength and conditioning): Differences in Power Output Between Different Box Jump Heights
  • Katelin Staab (strength and conditioning): Differences in power-to-body mass ratios between sprint, middle-distance, and distance swimmers
  • Jason Thornton (communication) Communicating Worklife Balance
  • Ryland Townsend (strength and conditioning): Relationship Between Maximal Squat and Counter-Movement Jump in Men’s Basketball Athletes
  • Whitney Tramel (strength and conditioning): The relationship between absolute and relative lower-body strength and measures of power and agility in Division II female volleyball players
  • Ryan Wenzel (communication) Rationale and Plan for Engagement of Food Studies in an Upper-Division Undergraduate and Master’s Communication Curricula: Theoretical Groundwork, Practical Issues, and Research-based Recommendations
  • Dalton White (strength and conditioning): Investigation of redundant performance testing procedures in division 1 basketball players: an exploratory analysis
  • Gabriel Wilson (physics): Investigating the Ability of Satellite Based Ion Density Measurements to Improve a Space Weather Forecast Model
  • Regina Winters (leadership, research and policy): Effects of Self-Efficacy and Math Mindset on Undergraduate Student Math Outcomes: An Exploration of UCCS’ Strengthen Institutional Program Math Enrichment Initiative
  • Megan Woissol (communication): Small Business Customer Relationship Management on Social Media
  • Patrick Yarbrough (physics): Far-infrared reflection from heterostructures made of ultrathin ferromagnetic films

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