Submit stories to UCCS Communique

Articles on Communique act as both internal news items and as press releases to external media. They also feed into the weekly student and faculty/staff Communique newsletters.

UCCS publishes content using a modified AP style. When submitting first drafts to University Communications and Media Relations, keep a few stylistic elements in mind (pdf).

General Story Requests

We’re here to help tell the stories of the UCCS community. If you have a communications story or story request, pitch it for inclusion in UCCS campus-wide news using the form below.

What to submit

Submit articles and story ideas that are:

  • Noteworthy accomplishments about yourself, a student or a colleague
  • Major or unique department news
  • Other: if you’re not sure, go ahead and submit it or email us to ask.
  • Not sure if your story is newsworthy? Take a look at our general publishing guidelines (PDF)

Research Coverage Request

UCCS faculty are encouraged to fill out the research coverage form below or coordinate with the Office of Research to share the news of research publications, sponsored research, major findings and more.

UCCS Author Spotlight

UCCS celebrates faculty and staff who author and edit books each year. In recognition of their accomplishment, authors are invited to submit details on their published books for a Communique feature.

Meet a Mountain Lion

“Meet a Mountain Lion” is a series of stories that introduces UCCS employees to the wider campus community. If you know a Mountain Lion that UCCS should meet, direct them to the form below, where they will be invited to answer questions for a feature story.

Alumni Success Stories

UCCS tells a variety of stories about its alumni community. If you are an alum with a story to tell — or if you know one — send in details using the form below.

Research – 7 Questions

Share a quick update on your recent research with the campus! Fill in the form below.

Questions? Contact Jenna Press, Assistant Director of Communications and Media Relations.