Graduate students share research in second showcase event

Students present during the 2018 Graduate School Research Showcase

Forty UCCS graduate students from the College of Engineering and Applied Science; the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences; and the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences presented their results on a variety of topics in the 2018 Graduate Student Research Showcase May 4 at the Gallogly Events Center.

This spring’s event marked the second year for the graduate-only event. The annual Mountain Lion Research Day in the fall includes both undergraduate and graduate presentations.

Each student, sorted alphabetically, with their academic program, title of their work, is included below:

  • Renata Altamirano-Garcia (sport nutrition): An Enhanced Sport Nutrition Program Integrating TrueFood Principles
  • Emily Andersen (strength and conditioning): Relationship of Absolute and Relative Lower-Body Strength to Predictors of Athletic Performance
  • Laura Asbury (sport nutrition): Eating for Health, Fitness, and Performance
  • Jose A. Bencomo (mechanical engineering): 3D Printing Multifunctional Fluroinated Nanocomposites: Tuning Electroactivity, Rheology, and Chemical Reactivity
  • Taylor Braden (communication): Personal Branding: The Hidden Secret Behind Effective Marketing; a Research Based Qualitative Analysis
  • Nicole Brashears (sports medicine): Initial Cadet Fitness Level and the Relation to Perceived RPE and Preparedness Ratings During a Police Academy Training
  • Deb Canada (sports medicine): Differences in Stress Shoot Performance Among Special Forces Operators Who Participate in A Human Performance Program Versus Those Who Do Not
  • Kaley Feenstra (health promotion): Possible Predictors of Physical Activity Program Completion in Workplace Wellness
  • Ciriaco Gabriel Cantu (communication): The Construction of Masculinity in The Gambler Country Music Video
  • Jonathan Goatcher (sports medicine): Changes in Cadet Fitness Levels Over An 11-Week Fire Academy Session
  • Kayla Gronseth Boyer (communication): #YTho: A Mixed Method Examination of Millennial Alumni Donors and University Philanthropy
  • Mary V. Iskandarov (communication): Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence: A Communication Training
  • Libby Jensen (health promotion): Confidence in movement: A mixed methods case study of exercise and Parkinson’s Disease
  • Alex Koehler (communication): Concussion and their Effects on Youth Sports
  • Dustin Krohnfeldt (communication): The Effect of Organizational Size on Cultures: A Multi-Method Study
  • Tim Lentine (sports medicine): Optimizing Special Weapons and Tactics’ (SWAT) Physical Capabilities to Increase Occupational Performance
  • Shayne Lin (clinical psychology): Validating the Reliable Change Index with Tensor Based Morphometry
  • Hayley Lucero (health promotion): Nutrition Needs Assessment in Clients with Parkinson’s Disease
  • Tara Martinez (sports medicine): Perceived Risk and Response to Lightning Warnings; The Need for an Assessment Tool
  • Olha Melnyk (physics): Electro-optics of dual-frequency liquid crystals: thickness dependence on their switching time
  • Merri Metcalfe (sport nutrition): Examing the Usefulness of a Gardening and Food Literacy Program Integrated into an Eating Disorder Support Group: A Case Study
  • Kelsey Minson (sports medicine): The Relationship Between Pre-Season Testing Performance and Playing Time Among NCAA DII Men’s Soccer Athletes
  • Alyssa Ortiz (mathematics): Inverse Scattering Transform and Solitons for Square Matrix Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations
  • Victoria Ortiz (communication): How University Leaders Can Better Prepare For Campus Crisis
  • Racquel Paywa (communication): Understanding the Youth Voter in a Digital Age: A Qualitative Analysis
  • William Quillman (sports medicine): Predicting bench press performance from the NFL 225 bench press test using velocity based measures in Division I football players
  • Daniel Rodgers (sports medicine): An Evidence-Based Injury Prevention Plan Proposal for the Emerging Contact Sport of U.S. Rugby 7s
  • Aialaina Salani (communication): Moana & The Heart of Polynesian Culture: A Textual Analysis
  • Faraz M. Saleem (mechanical and aerospace engineering): Modeling of PVDF-alumina composites; atomistic simulations for predicting material properties
  • Irene Serrano Delgado (mechanical engineering): Molecular Simulation of PVDF Beta-phase
  • Caroline Shafer (sports medicine): Non-displaced sternoclavicular physeal fracture of a 21 year old female collegiate club rugby athlete
  • Hannah Shiver (communication): If I’m Not Looking at You, I’m Not Listening: A Training on Nonverbal Behaviors in Interviews
  • Alyssa Shrader (sport nutrition): SWELL-Sustainability, Wellness, and Learning Initiative: Sustainable Food Literacy Gateway Project
  • Michael L. Stephen (history): Chinese in Silver City, Idaho: A Contemporary, Visual Assessment of On-Site Historic Interpretation
  • Jared Strutton (mechanical engineering): 3D Printing Curable Particulate Composites: Printer Design and Composite Performance
  • Dharini Thakkar (sport nutrition): Seasonal body composition changes in athletes: Is Ultrasound the answer?
  • Rachel Tincknell (sports medicine): Epidemiology of Hip Injuries in Professional Rodeo: A Four-Year Retrospective Analysis
  • Brad Tyra (communication): Dyslexics and the Deaf: Neural Anatomy of Phonology and Sign Language
  • Colby Wolf (sport nutrition): Live Like a Carrot: A Local & Seasonal Food Literacy Guide
  • Patrick Yarbrough (physics): Parallel pumping of ferromagnetic nanostripe: Confinement quantization of off-resonant driving

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