Photo Feature: High school students experience first science labs at UCCS

We all know the image of a high school science experiment: students wearing clear plastic goggles, pouring chemicals into beakers and causing minor explosions. It feels so commonplace that it’s a caricature. But many underrepresented and marginalized students may never experience a science lab at all. 

This summer, the first-ever UCCS STEM Outreach Program launched, bringing high school students to the UCCS campus to experience science labs in a university setting.

Created by Madison Fox ’22, the program spanned three days and gave 18 students the opportunity to assist faculty members with ongoing researchers in scientific fields, like chemistry and human anatomy. Students also participated in sessions with UCCS departments, including the Pre-Collegiate Development Program and the Career Center. They toured specialized UCCS research facilities and listened to panels with current students and UCCS alumni. The program was offered free of charge.

“When I began thinking about creating the program, I was inspired by the stories of my peers and mentors, as well as my own experiences as a UCCS student,” Fox said. “My goal with the program is to foster scientific passion among students who may lack the resources to pursue a career in STEM or medicine based on their high school education, background, financial status or any other factors that could affect their future.”

“UCCS is an incredible campus, and I’m proud we were able to showcase what makes us special,” Fox continued. “Many of our students had never experienced a science lab till now, and the fact that we were able to provide them with this opportunity to make their worlds just a little bit bigger is the best feeling ever.”

See photos from the program above. Find more information on the UCCS STEM Outreach Program on Communique, and more information about all UCCS STEM outreach opportunities online.

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