Women’s lacrosse to open inaugural season

The new UCCS women’s lacrosse team opens its inaugural season with a home game Feb. 25.

For those unfamiliar with the sport, expertise isn’t required to be a fan, said Christine Hatton, head coach.

“Even if you don’t understand the rules, it’s a very spectator friendly sport,” Hatton said.

“It’s all the great parts of the sport you already know,” said Hatton. “It has similar positioning on the field as soccer, similar defense to basketball, and they can play behind the goal and sub like hockey.”

For those who are more familiar with men’s lacrosse, there are a few differences with the women’s sport. Women do not have pockets in the lacrosse stick, they wear goggles instead of helmets, and the goalie is the only one wearing shoulder pads.

The new UCCS team has been practicing six days a week for the past six months. There are 19 freshmen and three transfer students. “We have a lot of young girls with a lot of potential, we can only go up from here,” Hatton said.

The team joins nine others in the RMAC, and will host seven home games this season. UCCS will face Adams State in a non-conference game 1:30 p.m. Saturday at Mountain Lion Stadium.

“Having the opportunity to add women’s lacrosse as an intercollegiate sport at UCCS has been an extremely exciting process,” said Nate Gibson, executive director, Athletics.  “It is rare in sports to be a part of a first-year program and we are all anxious to see the team compete on Saturday.”

Hatton has been a coach for six years, and was hired last year. Learn more about Hatton here: Athletics names Hatton as first women’s lacrosse coach

See the women’s lacrosse schedule here: http://gomountainlions.com/schedule.aspx?path=wlax

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