UCCS to debut first-ever spirit song

UCCS athletics mountain lion logoUCCS will debut a new spirit song Dec. 2, just before tip-off of the women’s basketball game at home against Black Hills State University. The game starts at 5:30 p.m. followed by a 7:30 p.m. start for the men’s team at Gallogly Events Center.

Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak envisioned the spirit song as a way to build excitement among attendees during sporting events and other activities on campus. John Standish of City Tracks produced the spirit song. The spirit song consists of a clapping rhythm accompanied by a chant.


The UCCS Pep Band will perform sections of the spirit song during games until late in the spring semester, when the entire song will be scored for instruments.

“We’ve had the chance to listen to several drafts, and we’re excited to hear the finished product when the Mountain Lions take the court on Friday,” Jared Verner, assistant athletic director for sports information, Intercollegiate Athletics Department, said. “We’re looking forward to the energy that it will provide in enhancing our gameday environment for all of our teams.”

The spirit song is accompanied by the UCCS Anthem, which was first introduced by Glen Whitehead, associate professor, and Sean Hennessy, lecturer, during the 50th Anniversary celebration in 2015. The anthem will be played separately from the spirit song, most likely to be used by the Visual and Performing Arts Department’s Music Program.

“The song will be a surprise to most students, faculty and staff,” Andrea Cordova, chief of staff, Chancellor’s Office, said.

The lyrics of the spirit song are:

Opening chant:
U—C—C—S  –  U-C-C-S (clap, clap)
U—C—C—S  –  U-C-C-S (clap, clap)
U—C—C—S  –  U-C-C-S (clap, clap)

Verse 1:
We’re the mountain lions of UCCS.
The king of the crags on a hero’s quest…
And when the big game’s on the line…
This cat, he pounces, every time.
Go lions! (clap clap). Mountain Lions. (clap clap)

Verse 2:
Now tooth and claw, they’re good for show,
But victory and its spoils go…
To scholars (clap clap), athletes (clap clap) and the rest:
Those unafraid to do their best…
Go lions! (clap clap). Mountain Lions. (clap clap)

You can boast and brag and act real tough,
But it takes a beast to strut the stuff…
Of lions! (clap clap) Mountain Lions! (clap clap)

With easy grace and savage art,
Dreams of conquest stir the heart…
Of lions (clap clap). Mountain Lions. (clap clap)

Sing the glory! Sound the fame!
Raise the standard! Play the game!

Verse 3:
We’re the mountain lions of U.C.C.S.
The indomitable spirit is U.C.C.S.
And when the big win’s on the line…
This cat, he conquers every time.
Go lions! (clap clap). Mountain Lions. (clap clap)
The UCCS Mountain Lions!

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