Clyde’s Kudos: December 2023

Clyde’s Kudos are a Staff Association initiative celebrated each month on Communique. Nominations are also recognized through a variety of forums including the Staff Association website, the Staff Association newsletter, event shout-outs, handwritten cards and other methods of distribution.

Clyde’s Kudos: December 2023


Alicia Vanlandingham, Madelyn Arnold, Jennifer Fisher, Gary Alan Taylor, Ali Horton and our wonderful student assistant Sophia Kustar | Catering and Events Services | Chad Garland, Event Services, Conference Services, and Event Production | Commencement Program Team | Commencement staff |Season Doebler and the Family Development Center (FDC) Staff | Student Life Team


Angie Dodson | Ashley Lawless | Brenda Smith | Brenna Faricy | Brian Arnold | Chris Beiswanger | Cindy Joos | Cody Parish | Danielle Johns (X2) | Hope Hoch | Matthew McGrath | Officer Kaylee Marquez | Shawn Hood | Stephen Cucchiara | Syndee Garland and Vicki Taylor


To: Alicia Vanlandingham, Madelyn Arnold, Jennifer Fisher, Gary Alan Taylor, Ali Horton and our wonderful student assistant Sophia Kustar
From: Lisa Bartholme & Christy Iacabbo

These team members are being recognized for their work at the Silver Graduate luncheon at December’s Commencement. They made our guests feel welcome and more connected to UCCS.

To: Catering and Events Services
From: Heather Allen

I wanted to give a HUGE shout-out to Catering and the Events Services teams. My events count has grown tremendously this past semester, and everyone has been amazing to work with. THANK YOU for your help, hard work, and patience with last minute bookings/caterings. Appreciate you all!

To: Chad Garland, Event Services, Conference Services, and Event Production
From: Brad Bayer

Kudos to Chad Garland, Event Services, Conference Services, and Event Production for all their hard work and dedication.  Last year, Event Services and Conference Services partnered to lead the most profitable fiscal year in UCCS history, while a recent analysis revealed they supported 2,600 space reservations in the month of November.  New AV updates in Clyde’s and Berger Hall are improving the overall event experience for internal and external guests.

To: Commencement Program Team
From: Gabby Hensley

A huge THANK YOU to everyone involved with the Commencement Program! I know it’s a big lift for those around campus and many people had their hand in putting this together. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of you, and I truly appreciate you!

To: Commencement staff
From: Anon.

Thank you to all the staff who worked December 2023 commencement! Such an incredible amount of work goes into organizing and facilitating a wonderful commencement ceremony for our graduates. Each semester’s commencement is an exciting celebration that runs like a well-oiled machine. This semester, staff went above and beyond by attending to a graduate in need and handled this emergency with grace and professionalism. I am so grateful to all our staff for their work!

To: Season Doebler and the Family Development Center (FDC) Staff
From: Brad Bayer

Congratulations to Season Doebler, Director of the UCCS Family Development Center(FDC), and the FDC Staff on receiving the Independent (Indy) 2023 Best of the Springs Gold Award for Child Day Care! Such a well-deserved recognition and a testament of the FDC’s dedication to providing excellent childcare.

To: Student Life Team
From: Brad Bayer

The Student Life Team is to be commended for a calendar packed full of fun and engaging student events during the fall semester.  Recent highlights include 536 participants involved in Commuter Appreciation Week, over 400 students in attendance at SGA’s annual Friendsgiving, and 286 Mt. Lions taking a break from studies at Finals Fuel. 


To: Angie Dodson
From: Ann Amicucci

Angie consistently goes above and beyond as the Faculty Resource Center’s Faculty Development Coordinator. This semester, she and the FRC team organized a fantastic New Faculty Teaching Retreat, and Angie facilitated the FRC Teaching Fellows’ work to lead countless workshops and discussion circles. Angie also offered extensive guidance and support to new faculty through the FRC’s mentoring circles meetings. Thank you, Angie, for all you do to support faculty on campus!

To: Ashley Lawless
From: Katie Ueberroth 

Ashley goes above and beyond for staff and students. She is an amazing example of a great leader. 

To: Brenda Smith
From: Heather Allen

I reached out to catering in hopes of having custom sugar cookies made to recognize our UCCS Air Force (AF) Cadets and show appreciation to them for their dedication to the CU AFROTC Det 105 and their UCCS educational career. I left the design open and just asked for two cookie designs, one AF and one UCCS. Brenda did not disappoint! I love the design she came up with, and the cookies were a hit with our students. Thank you, Brenda! Your design and skill/art was/is AMAZING! 

To: Brenna Faricy
From: Cody Parish

Brenna only started in November, but she’s done an amazing job of supporting the department in finishing out this fall semester. Be it helping with conference logistics, leading the writing of an external workshop proposal, or co-planning a holiday party for our CLC scholars, she has been willing to support wherever needed. She has already brought ideas to our department that will improve our processes and programming, and I’m grateful to have her on our team.

To: Brian Arnold
From: Cody Parish

Despite being new to the Student Life team, Brian has brought a tremendous number of great ideas to support the department’s long-term vision of programming that meets students’ needs where they are at. He is elevating each of us as higher education professionals, and I am grateful to work alongside him.

To: Chris Beiswanger
From: Jen Furda

The CFO from Colorado College reached out for a tour of UCCS on Saturday after graduation for their nephew.  I was not sure we could make that happen because school was out.  Chris went above and beyond to make sure that student got a tour of UCCS on the Saturday they were in town!  

To: Cindy Joos
From: Anon.

Lately Cindy has been anticipating needs before they are expressed! She is not only a phenomenal, reliable staff person, but she’s hilarious and kind. CPS loves you, Cindy!

To: Cody Parish
From: Brad Bayer

Props to Cody Parish, Program Director of CLC & UCCSlead, for his leadership in planning and implementing fun and engaging UCCSlead events this past fall that drew 903 student participants!

To: Danielle Johns
From: Gabby Hensley

Thank you for all your hard work in making Commencement the best that it can be! I know it’s a huge event and you handle it with grace. I can’t imagine all the connections, meetings, messages, and processes that you manage to make this event happen. You are awesome and I look forward to seeing what new ideas you bring to the next ceremony! 

To: Danielle Johns
From: Polly Knutson

Danielle is one of the best event planners I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her attention to detail and keeping cool under pressure for the UCCS commencement is unmatched. Thank you for all your hard work Danielle!

To: Hope Hoch
From: Pauline Hoyte

Thank you for sharing so much knowledge of UCCS operations when I started here. You have truly made the transition here 100% easier. 

To: Matthew McGrath
From: Anon.

Matt has stepped up to cover so many of the aspects of the Office of Fire Marshal while we are looking for a new fire marshal.  He has been amazing at making sure that no balls get dropped on required inspections, etc.  Thanks so much.

To: Officer Kaylee Marquez
From: Adam Sailors

After having a very poor experience with scheduling a car seat inspection with Colorado Springs Police and then them failing to fulfill that inspection/appointment I found Officer Kaylee Marquez with UCCS information online. I reached out to Kaylee via email and not only was she very prompt in responding, she was very happy to assist me with getting an infant car seat inspected.   I was able to schedule an inspection with her very promptly.  I showed up to the inspection/appointment and she was so great!  So knowledgeable about car seats and educated me on several things I had no idea about.  She  congratulated me several times on becoming a first time father and brought me peace of mind knowing that I now have my car seat setup correctly!   Would highly recommend Officer Marquez!  Thank you so much!

To: Shawn Hood
From: Erin Klein

Shawn has hit the ground running in her EA position! I’ve been so impressed by her quick transition and all that she has taken on, including all things UBAC! Well done, Shawn. It’s been a treat to work with you more closely–you are professional, gracious, and on top of it all.

To: Stephen Cucchiara
From: Anon.

Stephen went above and beyond at commencement to fix the college banners that were crooked, and he helped show other staff how to properly roast marshmallows. A true servant leader!

To: Catherine Barrios-Persall
From: Kimberly Guyer

Kudos to Catherine who works hard to collaborate with many departments working on DEI initiatives. The recent DEI networking event is a great example of her efforts to advance DEI. Thanks for all you do! 

To: Syndee Garland and Vicki Taylor
From: Ann Amicucci

Syndee and Vicki completely outdid themselves with the Winter Giving Project this year! They responded to extensive need in our university community by organizing support for a record number of families. Thanks to Vicki and Syndee’s work, families have gifts, food, and gift cards to buy supplies to support their needs during the holiday season. Thank you for bringing our campus together through this wonderful program!

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