Wellness Series: The Social Dimension

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

Social Wellness is how we connect and maintain relationships with others, our involvement in the communities around us, having a sense of belonging and establishing a strong support system.

When our social wellness is high, we have genuine, stable relationships with mutual respect and care, are helping to create and encourage safe and inclusive spaces, support our communities, make an effort to keep our connections strong and know how to both set and respect healthy boundaries.

While the right amount of social interaction and connection varies for everyone, and optimal social practices may look very different from one individual to the next, it’s important to incorporate it into your wellness in some way. Some may thrive from several social interactions per week with a lot of conversation, while others may fill their social meter from just one or two laidback exchanges.

Regardless of how extroverted or introverted we are, if we neglect this dimension, we risk becoming isolated and feeling disconnected from those around us. We also risk overextending ourselves by committing to and participating in too many social events and burning out, so it’s vital to identify what is the right balance for you.

Look for local causes and hobbies to join in on, such as intramural sports, volunteer opportunities and events in your city. The City of Colorado Springs has many options to explore.

For campus resources, find clubs to join, events to attend and other ways to become more involved on campus and meet new people on Mountain Lion Connect. Additionally, Campus Life has a wealth of suggestions and ways to develop social wellness.