Photo Feature: 2023 Accelerated Nursing Program White Coat Ceremony

Since 1904, Johnson Beth-El has celebrated the milestones and growth of nursing students in the program – at one time, nurses were recognized with a cap. While the cap has become a dated tradition, there are new traditions to celebrate the journey of a student nurse or health care professional.

We now celebrate the nursing student transition to patient care with a White Coat Ceremony.

Beginning in the early 90s, the Arnold P. Gold Foundation established the White Coat Ceremony to emphasize compassionate, collaborative, scientifically excellent care from the very first day of training in the healthcare professions, and highlight the importance of humanism in all care of patients.

The Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences recently celebrated the White Coat Ceremony for the accelerated nursing cohort and Class of 2024.

The accelerated nursing program students have a bachelor’s degree in another undergraduate program. They have returned to school to earn their nursing degree in this 16-month program. The cohort of 26 accelerated students, who will graduate in August 2024, will continue their clinical rotations after receiving their white coat and reciting an oath to patient care during the White Coat Ceremony.

“This is an extraordinary class with a lot of enthusiasm to become a part of the nursing workforce,” said Evonne Young, senior instructor and the accelerated program coordinator. “I am always so proud to see our program students cross the stage at commencement.“