April Town Hall updates: New work models announced, compensation review process underway

In April’s virtual Town Hall, Chancellor Venkat Reddy and a panel of campus leaders shared updates on campus finances, planned increases to faculty and staff compensation, new campus leadership positions and the ongoing process of the campuswide compensation review.

The Town Hall featured the first deep dive into one of the UCCS 2030 Strategic Plan core strategies. It also featured welcoming remarks from Karl Spiecker, who will serve as the UCCS’ Interim Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance beginning May 2, 2022.

After announcing six new work models that will be available to staff members, Chancellor Reddy spoke at length about the importance of offering flexibility to university employees.

“We are extremely lucky to have the workforce we do at UCCS,” Reddy said. “Faculty and staff can deliver great results using on-campus, hybrid, Hy-Flex, and remote classroom and work options. These options can help our students and employees balance their work and their wellbeing, and that of their families.”

“I cannot overstate the importance of offering flexibility and compassion to every employee,” Reddy continued. “We are committed to this work. And we must trust each other to make this new work environment a reality.”

Campus leaders then provided updates from their areas and responded to questions submitted by the audience. Take a look at the key takeaways below.

Campus Finances

  • The State of Colorado increased higher education funding by 11.1 percent, which will translate to a one-percent increase in the UCCS budget. Learn more >>

  • If the university meets its budget threshold, the University of Colorado Board of Regents approved a three percent pay increase for employees in fiscal year 2023. Learn more >>

  • The Regents also approved the renovation of the existing Engineering and Applied Science building and the addition of the Anschutz Engineering Annex. Learn more >>

  • The university accrued a deficit over the past two years, due to the pandemic. However, there are no anticipated personnel or compensation decreases. Learn more >>

  • To support the retention of essential service employees, who were required to maintain campus during the height of the pandemic, essential employees will receive a one-time payment at the end of April. Essential employees who have worked at UCCS for two or more years will receive a $2,000 one-time payment, with reductions for shorter tenures. Learn more >>

  • All UCCS positions are being reviewed according to the Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act. The Department of Human Resources will publish the results of the campus-wide review, and any adjustments that were made to compensation, by the end of the fiscal year. Learn more >>

Leadership Position Updates

  • Karl Spiecker will serve as Interim Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, beginning May 2, 2022, while UCCS convenes a national search for the permanent role. Learn more >>

  • The university has reconfigured the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives position, formerly held by Charlie Sweet, into a new Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management role. Learn more >>

  • The university will also convene a search for an Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources. Because this position will report to the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, the search will be delayed for three to four weeks after starting the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance search. Learn more >>

Future of Work Updates

  • The university is suggesting six work models for supervisors to consider for their staff. The options include working full-time on campus; working three days on campus and two days remote; working four 10-hour workdays, with one day off per week; working a 9/80 schedule, by which an employee works 80 hours over two weeks, with one day off; working fully remotely; or creating a different special work arrangement or flexible schedule in consultation with the department and supervisor. Learn more >>

  • Employees who are on campus fewer than three days a week will use hoteling space, and all options will require approval from the employee’s supervisor and Vice Chancellor. Learn more >>

  • By June 1, all supervisors should begin holding conversations with each of their direct reports to determine which model will work best for the staff member moving forward, and begin the transition towards the work model they agree upon. Every supervisor is asked to prioritize flexibility, compassion and trust in this process. Learn more >>

 Deep Dive: Core Strategy on Financial Strength

  • Beginning a segment that will feature in future Town Halls, the Chancellor overviewed one of the core strategies of the 2030 UCCS Strategic Plan: the core strategy on financial strength. The goal of the strategy is to strengthen UCCS’ financial position is to improve student access and affordability. Learn more >>

  • The two main initiatives that will help the university achieve its goal are implementing the new incentive-based budget model and diversifying the university’s revenue streams. Learn more >>

  • The budget model will be implemented in fiscal year 2023, which will begin on July 1, 2022. Learn more >>

Human Resources Compensation Review Process

  • The second phase of the university’s implementation of the Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act is underway. As part of this phase, the university will complete a third-party analysis of all compensation for campus employees by the end of the fiscal year. Any needed adjustments identified by the study will be implemented in July. Learn more >>

  • In the future, adjustments made to compensation based on the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act will be implemented biannually, in January and July. Learn more >>

In his closing remarks, Chancellor Reddy congratulated the recipients of campus awards, celebrated in the annual Campus Awards Ceremony, before giving his thanks to every UCCS employee.

“I want to acknowledge every faculty and staff member who has worked so hard to make the semester a success,” Reddy said. “Many of us are dealing with invisible challenges, and to overcome those while also showing up fully at work is a huge accomplishment. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you for everything you do. I’m grateful to be serving such a committed group of faculty, staff and students.”

Members of the UCCS community may submit additional questions and fill out a survey response to the event. Listen to the full session online.