Space(s) Between exhibit to feature 43 artists, treasure hunt and more

More than 40 artists will be the focus of a new exhibit at the Ent Center for the Arts when The Space(s) Between debuts March 11, but art lovers and treasure hunters alike will find a draw in the months-long exhibition.

The multi-site exhibit is born out of a partnership between the Galleries of Contemporary Art (GOCA) at UCCS and the University of Denver’s Vicki Myhren Gallery.

“There’s a bit of everything in this exhibition, from traditional drawings and paintings to video art, installation, monumental works and miniature-scale, sound art and performance too, presented virtually,” said Daisy McGowan, director, GOCA.

Patrons will be able to experience features from a number of contemporary artists from March 11 through July 24 at the Ent Center for the Arts’ Marie Walsh Sharpe Gallery of Contemporary Art.

But the exhibition isn’t limited just to indoors spaces, leading artists created number of outdoors exhibitions just for this project, including a 60-foot billboard, an artist-guided map of murals, a new series of outdoors art at the Ent Center for the Arts, a treasure hunt experience across the Front Range with a $1,000 pot of gold to find and keep and much more.

“Visitors can experience in art in two gallery spaces in Denver and Colorado Springs, as well as outdoor sites that invite an encounter with contemporary art in a variety of landscapes from urban to rural to the digital landscape,” McGowan said.

The collaboration of artists from the region and across the country to make the exhibition shine both indoors and outdoors is just one highlight of the Space(s) Between, McGowan said.

Bringing fresh voices and perspectives to our community is an exciting part of our mission at GOCA,” McGowan said, crediting her partners in the project, including Geoffrey Shamos and Lauren Hartog with the DU Vicki Myhren Gallery and Donald Fodness, an independent curator.

As Colorado continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, McGowan said community bonding through art, as well as innovation in art, will be front of mind.

“The importance of arts and connection to each other is greater now than ever before – we are on a mission to connect people to each other through shared experiences. So, we got creative and moved to bring much of the art outdoors and invited artists to embrace that approach starting last March, 2020. I’m very proud to offer Colorado Springs myriad ways to experience art in this time and place.”

To learn more about the Space(s) Between and to register for free, visit the Ent Center for the Arts website.

Artists included in the exhibition are:

  • Lisha Bai
  • Libby S. Barbee
  • Tyler Beard
  • Mindy Bray
  • Chad Brown
  • Terry Campbell
  • Beau Carey
  • Amelia Carley
  • Jaime Carrejo
  • Lanny Devuono
  • Rebecca DiDomenico
  • Natascha Seideneck
  • Gretchen Marie Schaefer
  • Elspeth A. Schulze
  • Dani Dodge
  • Conor Dowdle
  • John Defeo
  • Andy Ducett
  • Nina Elder
  • Gary Emrich
  • Ian Fisher
  • Tobias Fike
  • Megan Gafford
  • Anthony Garcia
  • Alvin Gregorio
  • Chip “Jetsonorama” Thomas
  • Devon Tsuno
  • Letha Wilson
  • Charles Parson
  • Scott Johnson
  • Tsehai Johnson
  • David Jones
  • Anna Kaye
  • Patrick Marold
  • John McEnroe
  • Michael S. Moore
  • Mia Mulvey
  • Lauri Lynxxe Murphy
  • M12 Studio
  • Sarah Scott
  • David Maisel
  • John Thrasher