Theatreworks Costume Shop shows how to sew face masks for health care workers

In partnership with Colorado Crafting for a Cause, Theatreworks costume shop manager Pheobe Boynton is leading the charge to help protect vulnerable health care workers.

In the video tutorial above, Boynton shows home sewers how to create sanitized, protective face masks and how to donate them to hospitals and medical workers facing shortages.

The face mask template demonstrated in the video tutorial was designed based on research and recommendations from health care providers. Although it cannot replace the surgical face mask or the N95 respirator, it can provide a backup mask for health care workers who have no available surgical mask in the field. It can also act as a second layer of protection for health care workers being asked to re-use surgical masks or N95 respirators with multiple patients.

Those interested in creating and donating masks or learning more about the project can visit the Colorado Mask Project at Colorado Crafting for a Cause.