Parking permits remain the same cost for 2019-20 academic year

Parking permits remain the same cost as last year and are now available for reservation and purchase online for the 2019-20 academic year. Faculty, staff and students can purchase and register their vehicle through the UCCS Parking Portal.

Colorado state regulations limit parking lot construction and maintenance to revenue only received through permit sales, parking fines and visitor parking, which means state funds cannot be used on parking infrastructure. UCCS is the only CU institution with free parking options in the 500 series lots, and students can ride the Colorado Springs Mountain Metro Transit for free through the College Pass Program.

UCCS uses a virtual parking permit system, meaning a license plate serves as the permit. The UCCS Parking Portal allows for fast registration and payment, and also makes it easy for drivers to change vehicle information if they drive a different car (like a rental or loaner) or purchase a new car. Parking enforcement begins on the first day of classes, and drivers are encouraged to allow extra time during the first week to find parking.

Drivers can also register up to five vehicles per permit, as long as the cars that share the permit are not parked in a paid parking spot on campus at the same time. The option is good for carpools and families who share vehicles but travel together in one vehicle to campus.

Students can purchase discounted permits based on specific days or for evening classes only. Border lot permits are also available at discounted rates for employees and students. Students living in the residence halls have parking included but still need to register their vehicle to avoid being ticketed.

Drivers who park in the free 500 series lots are required to register their vehicle, along with cyclists with their bicycles (cyclists will need to still pick up a physical permit in Gateway Hall). Both options remain free, but the registration assists with campus planning. In the event of theft, the registration also helps law enforcement in the recovery process.

Complete information on campus parking options, regulations, maps and contact information is available through UCCS Parking and Transportation Services.

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