Crisis relief is only a phone call away with Real Help Hotline

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In life, there are highs and lows. Some are big and others small. If CU employees reach a point where you’re feeling overwhelmed by the stress in your life – whether it’s related to finances, relationships or any other issue – there’s help through the Real Help hotline.

The phone service – (833) 533-CHAT (2428) – provides all CU employees with access to professional counselors who offer assistance finding wellness and behavioral health resources or immediate counseling. Whether callers are experiencing a serious crisis or just need recommendations for when life gets too stressful, Real Help is there.

Counselors can provide information on safety, emergency financial and legal resources. The hotline is free, confidential and available 24/7.

The CU Health Plan’s hotline affiliation means counselors can direct callers to services and behavioral health providers covered by CU’s health plans. They can recommend CU Health Plan wellness programs that may help employees deal with situations including the Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Move, Silver Sneakers and many others. Any CU employee, regardless of health coverage, can receive assistance and referrals to the appropriate care.

“The Real Help hotline is an initial step toward providing members of the CU community with integrated resources and access to multi-level mental health care,” said Gena Trujillo, assistant vice president and operations officer at CU Health Plan administration.

Not sure when to call? Here are the top five reasons people called in April 2019:

  1. Anxiety
  2. “Major life stressors”
  3. Mood concern(s)
  4. Safety concerns/suicidal ideation
  5. Family issues

Calls are not limited to your personal needs. If you have concerns about others, Real Help is there – eight percent of calls are people calling in concern about others, most often a dependent. Dependents of CU Health Plan members can also use the service.

“Everything with this service was designed from the start to be convenient and accessible for every employee,” said Josh Larson, MA, LPC, Rocky Mountain Crisis Partner’s clinical operations and quality assurance specialist. “While our crisis clinicians and triage specialists are not benefits counselors, they can direct employees to local resources and referrals, and provide crisis-focused mental health support 24/7.”

If you, a co-worker or a family member needs assistance, the number to call is (833) 533-CHAT (2428).

–Provided by CU Employee Services

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