UCCS alumni imagine possibilities for North Nevada Avenue corridor in focus group

UCCS alumni meet with city planners
UCCS’ Cybersecurity Building on North Nevada Avenue was the site of an alumni focus group that explored possibilities of redevelopment in the corridor.

The redevelopment of the North Nevada Avenue corridor south of UCCS will have a significant impact on the future of the university, including with students’ experience at UCCS and in building pride among future UCCS alumni.

Those were among several insights from a focus group of UCCS alumni who met this month at the Cybersecurity Building on North Nevada Avenue. The focus group immersed itself in the issues and opportunities surrounding the corridor’s redevelopment and possible impacts on UCCS, particularly from an alumni perspective. The building, housed in a former manufacturing plant, is owned by UCCS.

The focus group included alumni from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2010s, two city of Colorado Springs planning staff members and local developer Kevin Kratt, who developed University Village Colorado west of UCCS.

The group agreed that redevelopment of the corridor could help elevate Colorado Springs as a “lifestyle” city. Alumni put forward ideas for the corridor that included:

  • housing for students, families and employees in the area
  • transportation along North Nevada Avenue and up to the campus that could include light rail, shuttles and even a cog-type rail
  • creative re-use of the historic buildings in the area
  • high-density planning
  • shopping, restaurants and art venues that crated a fun atmosphere where students and alumni want to spend time
  • a gateway to the central and downtown part of the city
  • internship and job opportunities for students.

Ideas from the focus group will be presented to university and city leadership. A second focus group will be held this summer. Alumni who are interested in getting involved can contact Nicole Tugg at [email protected].

Learn more about redevelopment plans here: https://coloradosprings.gov/planning-and-development/page/renew-north-nevada-avenue

1 Comment on UCCS alumni imagine possibilities for North Nevada Avenue corridor in focus group

  1. Same type of meeting at the same place a couple of years ago. Just different cast of characters. Same subjects. Results? None. Came out that there’s no money to do any of the projects. Timeline for the projects 25 years. Majority of the attendees were over 60+ years.
    With the Scheel’s economic impact fiasco and the overly optimistic Banning Lewis Ranch economic impact, and no revenue coming to the city from the CC ice arena, who ever provides you with numbers, look at them with a jaundice eye. The city’s numbers cruncher has a credibility problem. Watch out for the words “Billions”, Millions” and “25 year tax abatements.” I would suggest you look at how AI and robotics will impact your employment picture.
    When you’re told about employees and the “Median wage”, ask this question, “How many of the workers of the No. Nevada projects will be able to afford comfortably the housing that will be provided?” When you’re told about the number of jobs created, ask, “How did you arrive at those numbers? What businesses will create these jobs? Are they businesses the city really needs or they same’o same’o. Please justify them with backup data and source.”* The same for economic impact.
    *Source: Federal Reserve, economic data from reputable economic and accounting firm, local doesn’t count.

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