UCCS hosts Chinese university leaders for unique semester-long program

Five university vice presidents from universities in China’s Jiangsu Province began a 17-week visit to UCCS with a gift exchange Jan. 14.

IMG_7701Shen Sulin, vice president, Wuxi Institute of Commerce, presented Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak with a string of fresh water pearls and a rosewood vase during the formal welcome in Dwire Hall 204. Gift exchanges are a traditional part of Chinese culture. Shockley-Zalabak, David Moon, interim provost, Brian Burnett, vice chancellor, Administration and Finance, Homer Wesley, vice chancellor, Student Success and Enrollment Management, and Martin Wood, vice chancellor, University Advancement, presented wrapped gifts to the visitors.

Moon greeted the Chinese vice presidents in Mandarin Chinese, attributing his newly found language skills to his son, Taylor, who is studying Chinese at a local high school.

“I hope I said ‘welcome’ somewhere close to correctly,” Moon said with a laugh.

IMG_1768Ding Jo. H. Currie, chief executive officer of California-based United Education Alliance explained the goal of the vice presidents’ visit as “a complete 360 degree view of UCCS.”

The vice presidents will study the greater Colorado Springs community, meet with university leaders, attend meetings and special events, all in attempt to learn about U.S. public higher education. Currie emphasized her hope that faculty and staff would not only share “the great beauty of the campus but the pimples and warts.” She encouraged faculty and staff to consider hosting one or two of the vice presidents on a Saturday to allow them to experience a typical day in an American’s life.

Shockley-Zalabak encouraged faculty and staff to include the vice presidents by extending invitations to attend classes and meetings or to be a weekend host.Invitations should be coordinated with Kathy Griffith and the Office of the Chancellor, 255-3436. Griffith is assisted by Jing Votruba, a native of China and spouse of Jason Votruba, manager, UCCS Bookstore.


“We are honored to host our peers from Chinese colleges and universities at UCCS,” Shockley-Zalabak said. “Through such exchanges, we develop knowledge, dispel stereotypes and connect and improve the world through education.”

Located on the eastern coast of China, Jiangsu Province is home to more than 78 million people and covers more than 39,000 square miles. By comparison, the State of Colorado is approximately 104,000 square miles and has 5.1 million people.

For more information about the United Education Alliance and its fellows program, visit http://www.unitedea.org/

As a strategic goal, UCCS seeks to improve the exposure of students, faculty and staff to other cultures and to help develop global awareness. Having educational leaders from China on campus will help students understand similarities between the countries and has the potential of developing future exchanges between UCCS and campuses in Jiangsu.

Brief descriptions of the vice presidents follow.

Qu Lixin, 45, is deputy principal of Wuxi City College of Vocational Technology where he is in charge of teaching, training and international cooperation.

Shen Sulin, 51, is vice president of Wuxi Institute of Commerce where he is in charge of teaching.

Jin-hong Liu, 50, is vice president and professor of Nantong Vocational College. She is in charge of the headmaster’s office including foreign affairs, alumni association, state-owned property management, and a branch campus.

Zhang Qingtang, 41, is vice president of Jiangyin Polytechnic College.

Zhuang Guozhen, 49, is vice president of Changzhou Institute of Mechatronic Technology where he is in charge of student affairs.


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  1. UCCS has done a great job in the educational communication with the five universisities veice presidents from Jiangsu Province, one of the most developed areas of China. Wish this activity will bring about more opportunities of cooperation of two countries.

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