UCCS offering online bachelor’s degree completion

Students can complete UCCS degrees in four high-demand fields by completing the final two years of coursework online beginning this fall.

Students can now complete degrees in business, criminal justice, nursing, and allied health without traveling to campus, according to Venkat Reddy, executive director of online program development. Throughout the spring and summer, UCCS faculty prepared junior and senior level courses to be available on line. More than 300 students are expected to enroll for the fall 2011 semester.

“These courses, which were developed with the same standards for high quality as our on-campus offerings, will help improve access to UCCS,” Reddy said. “I believe students from Colorado community colleges, those who are serving in the armed forces, or others who must stay closer to home, will benefit.”

A limited number of spaces in nursing and criminal justice programs are available. For more information, visit www.uccs.edu/online.

For community college students, the addition of online junior- and senior-level online undergraduate courses will allow them to complete degrees while remaining in their home communities in southern Colorado. For military personnel who began their education at UCCS or one of the state’s community colleges, online courses allow them to continue their education even if deployed overseas or transferred to another duty station.

“Ideally, as we look in the future and more students will mix online, on-campus and CISCO-technology assisted courses,” Reddy said. “It is important for students to understand that our online courses are developed specifically and with the highest possible standards. A degree that is completed online will have the same degree of rigor and of quality as one completed while attending classes in person.”

The degrees are offered by three colleges, the College of Business, the School of Public Administration, and the Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Each college is accredited by respective national and international accrediting agencies to ensure that standards for faculty and graduation criteria are upheld. These are the first online undergraduate degrees offered by UCCS. Since 1996, UCCS has offered an online Master of Business Administration degree with hundreds of graduates from around the globe as alumni. The Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences, the College of Education, the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the School of Public Affairs also offer  master’s degree and graduate certificates online and the Division of Extended Studies offers online courses. Last spring, an 18 member task force was formed to pursue improvements in UCCS online education.

“We are starting with professional degrees that are in high demand,” Provost Peg Bacon said. “We anticipate there will be more.”

The members of the task force were:

  • Reddy, chair;
  • Kathy Andrus, director, Teaching and Learning Center;
  • David Anderson, associate professor, Department of Chemistry;
  • Greg Augspurger, director, Student Success Center;
  • Vicki Brownrigg, assistant professor, Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences;
  • Jackie Crouch, technology services coordinator, Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences;
  • Rebecca Duray, professor, College of Business;
  • Beth Kumar, assistant professor, Kraemer Family Library;
  • Steve Medlin, student financial services manager, Resource Management
  • Patrick McGuire, assistant professor, College of Education;
  • David Moon, senior associate vice chancellor, Academic Affairs;
  • Tracy Parks, education technologist, College of Education;
  • Carley Ries, director, Campus Wide Extended Studies;
  • John Salnaitis, director, Enrollment Management Services
  • Gayanne Scott, executive director, Resource Management;
  • Scott Switzer, technology director, College of Education;
  • Scott Trimboli, director, National Institute of Science, Space and Security Centers;
  • Homer Wesley, vice chancellor, Student Success and Enrollment Management;
  • Jerry Wilson, executive director, Information Technology;
  • Regina Winters, senior instructors, School of Public Affairs
  • Carla Jaeger, executive assistant, College of Business

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  1. As a non-traditional student who received 2 undergrad degrees and am now working towards a MS Health Promotion, this is wonderful and will make attaining a degree so much easier for those of us who juggle work, family, and school. I love this campus and am so glad to see we are receiving just recognition.. it is a great university.

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