Chancellor memo: faculty and staff list posting procedures revised

July 15, 2011

To the Campus Community:

I am writing to make you aware of substantial changes to UCCS communication practices as we seek to preserve openness while making efficient use of computing and human resources. The new procedures are designed to preserve open email discussion without implementing processes such as those in place at the Boulder and Denver campuses which require advance permission for email posting and the collection of fees.

Effective July 18, those wishing to post to either the faculty or staff email lists will go to where they must log in using their UCCS credentials, review computer use policies, and agree to them before posting their messages. As recommended by governance groups, leadership team, deans, and the task force on email communication, the “reply all” function of our previous system has been eliminated and other processes for posting changed in an effort to reduce redundancy and conserve human and computing resources. The changes were first announced April 15 with members of the Information Technology Department working to implement for the past several weeks.

The new process helps ensure computer users understand the importance of posting to all faculty or all staff and expectations that such lists not be used to harass, intimidate, threaten, or discriminate. As in the past, such behavior is not acceptable within our community and will not be tolerated.

For details on the new practices and to see my April 15 announcement, please see

I encourage you to join me in trying these new procedures as we seek to preserve open discussion within our community. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


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Pam Shockley-Zalabak

Revised posting procedures

To see details about the revised posting procedures, visit

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