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Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak announced forthcoming changes to campus procedures for posting to faculty and staff email lists in a memo to the campus today. See the memo outlining the changes and the individuals involved in making recommendations.

April 15, 2011

To the Campus Community:

I am writing to share the results of task forces who studied the use of faculty and staff email lists, the responses from faculty and staff governance groups, and changes that will enhance use of campus email.

The members of a faculty task force included Don Morley, professor, Communication Department; Christina Martinez, senior instructor, Kraemer Family Library; Christopher Bell, director, Oral Communication Center; Andrew Czaplewski, professor, College of Business; Barbara Frye, assistant professor, College of Education; Jugal Kalita, professor, College of Engineering and Applied Science; Regina Winters, senior instructor, School of Public Affairs; and Trellis Moore, senior instructor, Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

The members of a staff task force included Robyn Marschke, director, Institutional Research; Jennifer Hane, director, University Events and Alumni Relations; Tamara Moore, director, Auxiliary Services Marketing; Stephanie Hanenberg, director, Student Health Center; Tim Stoecklein, associate director, Recreation Center; Megan Broeren, program assistant, Student Success; Nikki Coahran, administrative assistant, Department of Public Safety; Rachel Gibson, program assistant, Disability Services and University Testing; Brad Bailey, accountant, Resource Management Division; Jen O’Connell, administrative assistant, Student Health Center; Tish Fleener, program assistant, Chemistry Department; Tina Collins, program assistant, Student Success; and Jane Muller, program assistant, Women’s and Ethnic Studies Department.

The task forces recommended the following:

  • That campus faculty and staff email lists be used exclusively for official UCCS business.
  • That a website be created to assist faculty and staff members in deciding what is appropriate for sending to faculty and staff lists. Instead of individual email, postings to faculty and staff lists will be through the website and users must agree to the university’s communication policies before sending.
  • That the “reply all” function of faculty and staff lists be disabled.
  • That a new policy for mediating complaints about comments posted on the new website be created. The task force has proposed that I mediate complaints with the assistance of a panel of faculty and staff members.

These recommendations were reviewed and approved by governance groups and by my leadership team. After consultation and extensive discussion, the following decisions were made and actions are in process:

  • An updated policy for communications technologies, which includes a process for complaints, will be shared for input with campus governance in April 2011.
  • A new website will be created for faculty and staff lists.
  • Discussion lists for faculty and staff will be preserved on the new website.
  • We will avoid advance permissions and related fees for posting to faculty and staff lists.
  • We hopefully will reduce the number of emails on the official function site.
  • All capabilities for individual email exchange will be preserved in their current form.

I believe these recommendations will preserve open discussion within our community and improve productivity and efficient use of computing resources. On the Denver and Boulder campuses postings to faculty and staff lists require advance permissions and the collection of a fee. With these changes, we will avoid this requirement.

I anticipate the new procedures and policies will be ready by June 1.


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