Drivers reminded of illegal U-turn area at Regent Circle intersection

Drivers making an illegal U-turn on Austin Bluffs Parkway at the Regent Circle intersection could face a fine of up to $81 and three points on their driver’s license. Illegal U-turns for drivers going eastbound was the first in a series of public service videos posted by the UCCS Police Department on its Facebook page Aug. 21.

Lisa Dipzinski, sergeant, UCCS Police, goes through a mock traffic stop with Clyde the Mountain Lion about the intersection near the Academic Office Building. UCCS police officers enforce municipal and state laws on campus and in the surrounding area through an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Colorado Springs.

For drivers going eastbound on Austin Bluffs Parkway at the Regent Circle intersection, and who need to go westbound, UCCS Police recommends two options:

  • Make the left turn to enter the campus and go through the roundabout and make a right turn back onto Austin Bluffs westbound.
  • Continue eastbound to the next intersection at Meadow Lane. Drivers can make a U-turn legally at that intersection.

The UCCS Police Department employs 17 sworn, state-certified and commissioned peace officers in addition to five campus service and housing security officers. Officers are also cross-commissioned with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

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