UCCS to offer Air Force ROTC on campus in fall 2018

Air Force ROTC students will be able to take courses and participate in training on the UCCS campus for the first time in fall 2018.

The operations will be an extension of Detachment 105 based on the CU Boulder campus, with dedicated faculty and staff located on the UCCS campus. The local unit will allow students who currently travel to Boulder one to three times a week to remain in Colorado Springs and complete the majority of the Air Force ROTC program.

“We had several students who couldn’t commit to the program, or couldn’t advance in the program, because of the time and resources required to travel multiple times in each semester,” said Carlos Garcia, associate vice chancellor, Student Success. “We’re looking forward to more students being able to enroll in the Air Force ROTC with these new local resources.”

Management of the program’s operations will remain with Detachment Commander Col. John Cairney, professor, Aerospace Studies, CU Boulder. Capts. Julio Mueckay and Brandon Witworth will manage the UCCS operating location and will be based in building 1861 at University Office Park.

“The growth of UCCS, and the subsequent increase of students in the Air Force ROTC program, made this a natural progression to offer this opportunity in Colorado Springs,” Cairney said. “This will allow us to expand our capacity for students who are willing to take on the challenge.”

The Air Force ROTC program is typically a four-year program, but a three-year option is available for interested sophomores. Upon completion at graduation, cadets are commissioned as second lieutenants in the United States Air Force. The Air Force ROTC courses are in addition to a student’s current academic major, and positions after graduation are matched based on the student’s interest, Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, commander’s rankings and current Air Force needs.

2 Comments on UCCS to offer Air Force ROTC on campus in fall 2018

  1. I’m so glad UCCS will have classes for the AFROTC program. My daughter has been very interested in the program but wants to attend UCCS and didn’t want to go to Boulder. Thank you for realizing the need, especially when there are several Air Force bases in the Colorado Springs area. It’s just another sign how UCCS is growing and it’s importance in the University of Colorado system.

  2. My son is coming to UCCS in Fall 2018…he is already a SMsgt in his highschool ROTC. He seems to be losing interest in ROTC… It would be nice to have a session where some of the Boulder ROTC could talk to local students interested in USAF ROTC at UCCS. …where students can ask questions, get a feel for life in college ROTC. My son gets encouragement from adults but the military recruiters who visit his school and his fellow athletes tend to foolishly say that ROTC in college is life consuming, ruins the “college experience” and “fills every spare moment not in class”. I personally know that is not true… But hey what does MOM KNOW?

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