Chancellor Statement: Campus in support of undocumented students

Chancellor's Statement

Campus Community,

As Chancellor of UCCS, I want to express my support for our undocumented students who are pursuing their dreams of a higher education and contributing to our campus and our community. They are valued members of the UCCS community, and I regret that Congress has not yet acted to find solutions that will allow them to continue their studies with the assurance that they will not be interrupted.

As a public institution, the University of Colorado is committed to upholding the core values and ideals expressed in the founding documents of our country. These values and ideals represent the cornerstone of our democracy; bind us together as a nation; and have established the United States as a ‘beacon of light’ on the world stage. Undocumented students have great potential to contribute to this country, many of whom were brought here as children.

I have communicated my support for our undocumented students to our congressional delegation, as have the Regents of the University of Colorado, President Benson, and the chancellors of the other CU campuses. We have told them we not only support their ability to continue their educations, but we also support their ability to live, work, and study in the only country many of them have ever known. We will continue to communicate this message at every opportunity.


Venkat Reddy, PhD

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