Respect for religious holidays encouraged

With the holiday season fast approaching for many faiths, the Office of the Provost recently reminded the campus community to be respectful of differing faiths and viewpoints.

Tom Christensen

Tom Christensen, provost, reiterated the campus policy and shared a calendar of events.

“Please be mindful of the faith traditions of your colleagues, coworkers and students,” Christensen said. “It is important that we be accommodating and respectful.”

UCCS campus policy states the university will try to avoid scheduling university-sponsored events in conflict with religious holidays. The policy also says the university will provide “reasonable accommodations for staff, faculty and students whose sincerely held religious or spiritual beliefs, practices and ceremonial obligations conflict with work schedules or academic activities.”

Reasonable accommodation might include allowing a staff member to change work schedules or a student to reschedule an exam.

See the complete policy.

Major religious holidays for the remainder of the academic year, follow:

Navaratri / Dassehra Hindu 9/21/17 – 9/29/17
Rosh Hashanah * Jewish 9/21/17 – 9/22/17
Yom Kippur * Jewish 9/30/17
Sukkoth * Jewish 10/5/17
Sh’mini Atzeret * Jewish 10/12/17
Simchat Torah * Jewish 10/13/17
Diwali  Hindu 10/19/17
Maulid al-Nabi * Islamic 12/1/17
Hanukkah * Jewish 12/13/17 – 12/20/17
Christmas Christian 12/25/17
Christmas (Orthodox) Orthodox Christian 1/7/18
Ash Wednesday Christian 2/14/18
Maha Shivaratri Hindu 2/14/18
Beginning of Lent Orthodox Christian 2/19/18
Purim * Jewish 3/1/18
Holi Hindu 3/2/18 – 3/3/18
Ramanavami Hindu 3/26/18
Good Friday Christian 3/30/18
Passover * Jewish 3/31/18 – 4/7/18
Easter  Christian 4/1/18
Good Friday Orthodox Christian 4/6/18
Easter (Pascha) Orthodox Christian 4/8/18
Ramadan (Beginning) * Islamic 5/16/18
Shavouth * Jewish 5/20/18
Laylat al-Qadr * Islamic 6/10/18
Eid al-Fitr Islamic 6/15/18

* All Jewish and Islamic holidays listed above begin at sundown on the previous day.

* Muslim holiday dates may vary based on interpretations of the lunar calendar.

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