A toast to UCCS; 50th anniversary wine now available

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UCCS-labeled wine will be available Aug. 28.

UCCS supporters interested in toasting the 50th anniversary of the founding of campus can lift a glass of Colorado-grown wine made especially for the occasion.

A limited supply of merlot and chardonnay wines bearing a UCCS 50th anniversary label is available at Clyde’s in the University Center by the glass. Bottles may be purchased for $19.65 at Wild Stein Liquors, 5406 N. Academy. The store is operated by Crystal Wildenstein, a member of the class of 2012. The wine will also be served at a limited number of university events and bottles will be given to some donors as an acknowledgement of their support of the university.

“This was an idea that almost didn’t happen,” Megan Bell, executive director, Auxiliary Community and Learning Initiatives, said. “It wouldn’t have, if not for Crystal.”

Wildenstein worked with Bell, Mark Hayes, director, Food and Dining Services, and Andrea Cordova, chief of staff, Office of the Chancellor, to ensure that a maze of purchasing requirements were fulfilled and a high-quality product delivered. The wine was produced by Two Rivers Winery, Grand Junction, with Colorado-grown grapes. A special label was created by Jeff Foster, associate director, University Communication and Media Relations.

“I’m still shocked that this happened,” Bell said. “There were a lot of details and hurdles.”

Bell got the idea of a 50th anniversary wine from a group at the University of California, Davis, which sold bottles of wine created by that university’s vintner’s program.

“UCCS, obviously, doesn’t have a wine-making program,” Bell said. “We thought a wine grown in Colorado to celebrate a University of Colorado campus’s creation was the next best thing.”

For more information about Two Rivers Winery, visit http://www.tworiverswinery.com/. Wild Stein Liquors can be reached at 522-1070 or https://www.facebook.com/wildsteinliquors

For more about UCCS 50th anniversary celebrations, visit http://www.uccs.edu/50th

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