Chancellor Memo: Branding update

October 2, 2014

To the Campus Community:

A little more than two years ago, UCCS updated its graphic identity.

These actions were taken to better connect our campus to the University of Colorado and also to solidify its image through the consistent use of color, typography and naming conventions.

UCCS Brand Identity Standards coverAs existing supplies were exhausted, many departments and units updated printed and online publications and promotional products with new logos and colors. I appreciate the efficiency and cooperation of these efforts. I believe they have contributed to a stronger UCCS.

But work remains.

After two years in transition, I am asking that individuals and departments again review materials—everything from brochures and business cards to webpages—to ensure that the correct UCCS graphic identity is reflected. My expectation is that all materials should be either updated or replaced by the end of the fall semester.

If you have questions about whether you are using the correct UCCS graphic identities or the rationale behind a unified approach, please see Additionally, Jeff Foster in the Office of University Communications and Media Relations is available to assist with questions about the guidelines or to recommend licensed product vendors. Jeff is available at [email protected] or 255-3847.

If you are new to the campus or interested in the history of this effort, I recommend two previous articles from Communique:


Pam Shockley-Zalabak

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