Revised logo shared at first campus forum

A new, streamlined UCCS logo made a debut at the first Chancellor’s Forum for the fall semester Aug. 28.


Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak, Martin Wood, vice chancellor, University Advancement, and Jeff Foster, multimedia marketing specialist, University Advancement, presented a new, streamlined, easy-to-reproduce UCCS logo to begin the semester. The revised logo represents an evolution of the UCCS brand and came in response to what Shockley-Zalabak called “the street.”

“The street tells us that the clean UCCS logo makes sense,” Shockley-Zalabak said.

She explained that sales of items in the UCCS Bookstore with a simplified version of the UCCS logo had sold well and would be easier, and less expensive, to reproduce. Finally, eliminating the mountain background and changing typefaces to more closely resemble other CU marks will also benefit the campus.

“You can blame me if you don’t like it,” Shockley-Zalabak said. “But this change makes economic sense, is preferred by students, and puts us more in alignment with the CU System. Those are strong reasons to change.”

Water bottles bearing the UCCS logo and lapel pins were distributed at the event along with the admonition for departments to use existing supplies of letterhead, business cards or other items before ordering new.

“In a perfect world, in two years, I’d like to see all the old stock used up and most everything on campus using the new logo,” Wood said.

No cost items such as web pages should be updated immediately and there are also new guidelines for when the logo should be used, Foster said. A website, contains the logos in several different file formats in addition to documents outlining how the logos should be used.

For more information on the implementation of the revised logo or for assistance in developing department-specific logo extensions, contact Foster at [email protected] or 255-3847.

UCCS logo signature arrangements

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