Kraemer Family Library receives 2024 Library Excellence in Access and Diversity Award

The Kraemer Family Library at UCCS received the 2024 Library Excellence in Access and Diversity (LEAD) Award from “Insight Into Diversity” magazine, the largest and oldest diversity and inclusion publication in higher education.

The LEAD Award honors academic libraries’ programs and initiatives that encourage and support DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) across their campus. These include, but are not limited to, research, technology, accessibility, exhibitions and community outreach. Kraemer Family Library will be featured, along with 55 other recipients, in the March 2024 issue of “Insight Into Diversity” magazine.

“As dean of the Kraemer Family Library, I am thrilled to witness the national recognition our team is receiving for their extraordinary DEI efforts,” said Seth Porter. “Their dedication and achievements fill me with pride, and I eagerly anticipate the innovative endeavors they will undertake in the future.”

A few of the initiatives by Kraemer Family Library that earned them the award include:

  • Completion of Gender-Neutral Restrooms and Lactation Space: Successfully designed and implemented gender-neutral restrooms, ensuring an inclusive and comfortable environment for all library patrons. Also established a dedicated lactation space, providing privacy and support for nursing parents.

  • Focused Diversification of the Collection: Actively expanded the library’s collection to include a wider range of diverse voices and perspectives. This initiative aims to represent and celebrate the richness of different cultures, experiences, and viewpoints.

  • Zine Collection Development: Initiated the development of a zine collection, embracing the unique and often underrepresented medium of self-published works. This collection highlights grassroots storytelling and diverse creative expressions.

  • Futures Fund for Student Employees: Established the Futures Fund, a dedicated initiative for funding the professional development of student employees. This program invests in the growth and advancement of our students, providing them with valuable opportunities to gain skills and experiences that will benefit their future careers.

  • Commissioning Artwork for the Club Q Memorial: Commissioned and displayed meaningful artwork to honor and memorialize the Club Q community. This project not only commemorates a significant local event but also demonstrates the library’s commitment to community engagement and remembrance.

  • Storytelling Professor Initiative: This pioneering program introduces the first-ever endowed Storytelling Professorship at an academic library in the nation. It’s a groundbreaking approach that underscores the importance of diverse voices, stories, and experiences. The program not only enriches the academic environment but also serves as a beacon for inclusivity and cultural richness, reflecting a deep commitment to celebrating a wide array of perspectives and narratives.

“We know that many academic libraries are not always recognized for their dedication to diversity, inclusion, and access” says Lenore Pearlstein, owner and publisher of “Insight Into Diversity” magazine. “We are proud to honor these college and university libraries as role models for other institutions of higher education.”

Learn more about the 2024 Library Excellence in Access and Diversity (LEAD) Award here.

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