Wellness Series: The Environmental Dimension

“Environment” takes on many meanings in this dimension. Our natural environment and relationship with the earth itself, our social environment and the communities we participate in and our built environment, which is our living conditions, what we surround ourselves with and our accessibility to various resources.

Having healthy environmental wellness means feeling safe in our environment and that our surroundings support our wellbeing, along with awareness of how we affect the planet and its resources.

Engage in positive environmental practices for wellness by adding more sustainable habits, keeping your home and work areas as de-cluttered and relaxing as possible and participating in your community. Recycle as much as possible, spend time outside when you can and try to establish habits to prevent clutter building up, like going through your mail regularly and making a schedule for cleaning different areas each day.

Find volunteering events and opportunities for community connection, and learn more about sustainability on campus and how you can get involved.