Photo Feature: 2023 EthicsFirst Event

The 2023 EthicsFirst workshop took place on Thursday, Oct. 19, offering for the first time both a morning and an afternoon session. This year’s theme, “Crucial Conversations,” explored ways to engage in tough conversations with honesty and respect. 

The morning workshop helped participants “master their stories,” to include separating facts from fiction, eliminating negative stories and taking responsibility for the emotions they bring to the conversation.

The afternoon workshop helped attendees learn how to find common ground and the steps to take to rebuild a sense of safety when others get defensive.

Both workshops were facilitated by Master Certified Crucial Conversations trainer Salomeh Diaz.

EthicsFirst, which is sponsored by Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program at UCCS, noted that UCCS has adopted a set of values to which it is committed, including specifically a commitment to the values of integrity, trust, respect and accountability an expectation that each member of the campus community will engage in ethical behavior.