Wellness Series: The Financial Dimension

Financial wellness is how we navigate our income, our level of financial stability, how well we make financial decisions and recognizing that everyone’s financial situation is unique.

Good financial health means preparing for short- and long-term needs, following a realistic budget, keeping our spending in line with our values and goals, and avoiding debt.

General ways to improve your financial wellness include setting a budget to follow, buying generic products instead of brand name, learning about smart financial techniques from experts, devoting a small amount of each paycheck to a savings account, using your library to rent books, movies or games instead of paying for them and cooking at home instead of eating out.

For more help in these areas or for guidance more tailored to your specific situation, UCCS has several resource options. The Office of the Dean of Students has off-campus resources that cover a variety of topics from basic financial literacy to tax assistance. The Financial Aid and Student Employment office offers help for FAFSA, loan information, scholarship options, student jobs and more. Additionally, the Money Matters site has resources on building your credit, tracking a budget and much more.