Statement from the CU President regarding the Hamas attacks on Israel

We at the University of Colorado are horrified and saddened by the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel that have sparked a war with the full breadth of consequences not yet known. Our hearts weigh heavy for all those who have been impacted by the conflict and the killing and wounding of so many. We have students, faculty and staff on our campuses who are intimately connected to many experiencing these horrors. We share our heartbreak with you.

Looking out for each other’s well-being is paramount, so please check on your friends and neighbors who may be impacted. If individuals in our community are struggling with how to process these events, we encourage you to seek help from our campus resources.

Our hearts are with all those in the CU community and beyond whose lives will be forever altered. We hope for a path to a lasting and just peace.

Todd Saliman, President
University of Colorado

Philip DiStefano, Chancellor
University of Colorado Boulder

Don Elliman, Chancellor
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Michelle Marks, Chancellor
University of Colorado Denver

Jennifer Sobanet, Interim Chancellor
University of Colorado Colorado Springs