Clyde’s Kudos: March 2022

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Clyde’s Kudos: March 2022

Featured this month:


LAS Finance Team | Retail Services


Alex Illyasova | Angela Brubaker | Arlette Stratton & Linda Garcia | Carol Piña | Carolyn Daley | Charlie Kuehler | Chris Doiron | Cody Parrish | Craig Decker, Steve Werling, Greyson Niedbalski & Leo Signorelli Stevens | Craig Olson | Creston Cooper | Gabby Hensley | Garrett Kuecker | Heather Marx | Jeff Foster & Gabby Hensley | Kara Carragher | Katherine Placzek | Kayla Gronseth Boyer | Laura Straub | Lynn Vidler | Maya Rodgers | Noelle San Souci | Olivia McDonald | Robin Bredl | Robyn Marschke | Sam Adams | Stephen Cucchiara


To: LAS Finance Team
From: Lynn Vidler

I want to thank Jacqui Hatfield, Sherry McDonnell and Jeremy Click for going above and beyond as they support LAS’s transition to the new budget model! LAS is an enormous college with many moving parts. Jacqui, Sherry and Jeremy have worked tirelessly to simultaneously keep the college running while making the many significant adjustments required to set us up for success in the new fiscal year. LAS depends on their detail-oriented work and creative problem-solving. Thank you!!

To: Retail Services
From: Heather Allen

Both the Bookstore and Coffee shop staff are friendly and helpful. Arletta and Alana from the bookstore went above and beyond to assist me with a special purchasing need I had. Rita from the Coffee Shop is always a joy to speak with and is a pleasure to interact with before or after a long meeting. Appreciate these ladies and all they do.


To: Alex Illyasova
From: Jen Furda

Alex is AWESOME. She is a GREAT team player. She has helped LAS get involved in all sorts of areas you would not always see Letters Arts and Sciences. Places like Cyber, Space and Apprenticeship programs. She absolutely wants what is best for our students!

To: Angela Brubaker
From: Bridget Guerrero

We are consistently amazed by Angela’s performance. She does great work!

Our department is really lucky to have her and I would like to recognize her for her hard work. It’s incredible to see her consistency and determination, she is an inspiration to us all! Her outstanding performance has helped push up our department forward.

To: Arlette Stratton & Linda Garcia
From: Allison Noel

I am so thankful to be working with Arlette and Linda. They both stepped into difficult and complicated jobs with enthusiasm and learned so much so quickly. Thank you for always being willing to learn new things and help out where needed. UCCS and SFS are so lucky to have you both!

To: Carol Piña
From: Sudhanshu Kumar Semwal

Ms. Carol Pina has been supporting UCCS-Honors Program for last several years and is the face of communications with our students — tracking student’s progress, submitting cohort scholarship recipients names, interacting by emails and otherwise with incoming UCCS-Honors Program cohorts, and arranging in-person face-to-face interviews. At the time of Pandemic, face-to-face interviews could not be held, so Ms. Pina stepped up and has arranged ZOOM-face-to-face online meetings coordinating and corresponding with about 100-plus incoming applicants and arranging interviews with cohort 2021 students last year, as well as completing during spring break and working during weekends to help UCCS-Honors Program complete the ZOOM interviews on time, and with compassion, excellence and care for those students who will come to UCCS in Fall as UCCS-Honors Program cohorts.

To: Carolyn Daley
From: Anon.

Huge Kudos to Carolyn as she has carried the degree audit smoothly through a transition and done the work of two employees the past several months!

To: Charlie Kuehler
From: Anon.

One of the most important functions on campus is ensuring fiscal responsibility.

The budget is arguably the most important component of every grant we have. Charlie worked tirelessly to ensure that we were always in compliance and always operating strategically. Thank you from all of us.

To: Chris Doiron
From: Corinne Butler

Chris has consistently been a problem solver and all around miracle worker. He has done everything asked of him and then a little bit more. From recording people’s concerts and making sure everyone has the access they need to whatever format they need; to fixing thermostats, stocking bathrooms and ton of stuff not part of an audio person’s job. I started in November, and he has not once told me he could not help or at least look at any problem I put in his lap. As today we faced other challenges, I wanted to make sure the University knew what a fabulous find they had in a very dedicated and talented person.

To: Cody Parrish
From: Haley

Thank you so much for helping us hang up door hangers in the residence halls! Your help allowed us to communicate our upcoming events with students, and we were able to complete this task in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks, Cody!

To: Craig Decker, Steve Werling, Greyson Niedbalski & Leo Signorelli Stevens
From: Brad Bayer and Noelle San Souci

Hats off to the OIT Team of Craig Decker, Steve Werling, Greyson Niedbalski, and Leo Signorelli Stevens for going above and beyond to support the electronic voting details for the 2022 SGA Election! The voting process ran smoothly, thanks to their knowledge and expertise.

To: Craig Olson
From: Charles Cummings

Craig was called in after hours for a plumbing emergency at Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center. He was positive and a joy to work with in a difficult situation. He worked hard to solve the problem and arranged for a contractor to come in early the next morning to complete the fix.

To: Creston Cooper
From: Solveig Olsen

A recent UCCS graduate, Creston has taken a temporary position as technical director in UCCS Theatre and Dance. He is excited to be here every single day, work with his former professors and current students. His transition from student to staff has been wonderful!

To: Gabby Hensley
From: Kristina Coggins

Gabby went above and beyond in March 2022. She assisted me with an external event. Gabby was extremely helpful! Her creativity and agility is appreciated. We could not have executed this event without Gabby’s help.

To: Garrett Kuecker
From: Kayla Gronseth Boyer

Garrett went above and beyond to help me find the correct point of contact for an urgent question I surprised him with. He helped immediately and even left his desk to walk across the hall to ask for next steps from the appropriate person in that unit. Helped solve an urgent issue for me in a matter of minutes! Appreciate ya!

To: Heather Marx
From: Haley

Heather always goes above and beyond to help our students and fellow co-workers. She is supportive and kind, and I feel very lucky to get to work with her! Thank you for all that you do, Heather!

To: Jeff Foster & Gabby Hensley
From: Anna Squires

Thank you to Jeff and Gabby for being our incredible in-house designers! This semester, they helped us to get a brand-new, Communique-specific style guide created to help guide campus communicators in writing articles for campus news. This is a really fantastic way for us to streamline writing and revision efforts, and their support is so appreciated.

To: Kara Carragher
From: Eric Olson

Unprecedented turnover in the COB as well as in campus HR has resulted in Kara being swamped with requests for unusually quick processing of job description approvals. Despite the crush, Kara has maintained her upbeat attitude and professional standards. I can’t imagine how backlogged we would all be without her willingness to go the extra mile time and time again.

To: Katherine Placzek
From: Anon.

Katherine always brings such a warm and welcoming aura to the department. From short chats over coffee to helping answer questions and fulfill requests, she puts her entire heart and soul into her job. Since Day 1, she has made me feel a part of the team and continues that effort to all new employees, creating a culture for the department that inspires collaboration and enthusiasm for us tired IT peoples.

To: Kayla Gronseth Boyer
From: Liz B.

Kayla has been a wonderful collaborator for the dozens of emails that we sent out for the alumni volunteer program scholarship reviews. I could not have done it without her! Thank you Kayla!

To: Laura Straub
From: Haley

Thank you so much (Laura and Shawn) for helping us hang up door hangers in the residence halls and for always sending out information on our upcoming events! Your help has allowed us to communicate our upcoming events with students and to engage our residential student! And we were able to complete this task in a reasonable amount of time. Thank you always, Laura!

To: Lynn Vidler
From: Erin Klein

Thank you to Dean Vidler for being an amazing supervisor! I admire your work ethic, your genuine care, and your leadership. It’s an honor and joy to be your assistant. I look forward to many great days ahead!

To: Maya Rodgers
From: Jacqueline Bisaillon

Maya has been extremely helpful and responsive as I try and plan an on-campus event. I needed to reserve multiple spaces across campus and Maya has gone out of her way to get pricing quotes, reserve classrooms and other spaces, and answer my questions very quickly. The timeliness of her responses has allowed me to move forward with my event in a timely manner. Her positive attitude has allowed us to put our vision into action. Thank you Maya for being a great campus partner!

To: Noelle San Souci
From: Brad Bayer

Noelle is to be commended for the positive tone she has set as the new advisor of the Student Government Association (SGA) and the fantastic leadership she provided with the recent 2022 SGA Election.

To: Olivia McDonald
From: Anna Squires

Olivia has been hard at work making UCCS’ websites more beautiful, functional and visible. She took on a heroic task immediately after starting in her new role (adding SEO for every page of and is now working on gorgeous new layouts and templates. She is a true collaborator, and we are so lucky to have her!

To: Robin Bredl
From: Eric M. Olson

When Robin took on the role of Financial Program Manager in the COB our financial records were in a mess. She single handedly cleaned up this bowl of financial spaghetti and has been the steady financial hand through the administration of six different deans. And she does this with a wonderfully cheerful demeanor. This mix of competence and calmness has been tremendously important to the operation of the COB during this time of unprecedented turmoil.

To: Robyn Marschke
From: Brad Bayer & Noelle San Souci

Robyn is to be applauded for the many ways she supports the UCCS campus. This year, like in so many prior years, she provided the most updated list of eligible student voters (*the electorate) for the SGA Elections. The election would not be possible without this list, and we are grateful to Robyn for her time and expertise in preparing the list each year!

To: Sam Adams
From: Pam Sawyer

When we hit a glitch in our transition from hard copy to electronic graduate student and alumni files, Sam proposed and executed a solution and also helped mitigate the issue with others on campus who were affected. Perhaps just as critically, she did all of this in an understanding and supportive way. Sam, we are grateful for and appreciative of you!

To: Stephen Cucchiara
From: Mallory Tuhkanen

Stephen has been such a fantastic leader during a time of transition for our office. In Student Life, Stephen hired an almost entirely new staff and has gone above and beyond helping us feel welcome! He has also graciously answered hundreds of questions a day from all of us!

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