“The Passion Starts the Journey”: Venkat Reddy on “Attitude Check: The Business Leadership Podcast”

Chancellor Venkat Reddy made a guest appearance on “Attitude Check: The Business Leadership Podcast” on Nov. 5, 2019. “Attitude Check” is a podcast co-hosted by UCCS alumni and focused on professional development for aspiring young leaders.

Listen to the episode below.

About Chancellor Venkat Reddy

Venkat K. Reddy, Ph.D., is the seventh full-time Chancellor of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS). As Chancellor of UCCS, Dr. Reddy has committed himself to the university’s access mission and student success. In changing one student’s life for the better, UCCS transforms the lives of families and community members forever.

In addition to his role as Chancellor, Dr. Reddy is also a professor in the College of Business at UCCS, where his research has focused on strategic financial investments and improvements to distance and online learning. He serves on the National Cyber Security Center Board of Directors and is an Honorary Commander at the United States Air Force Academy. He received his Ph.D. from Penn State. Learn more about Chancellor Reddy online.

About Attitude Check Podcast

Attitude Check: The Business Leadership Podcast works to shed light on the business world. Its mission is to start the conversations young aspiring leaders should be having, but aren’t. Attitude Check’s co-hosts want listeners to be inspired to endeavor, engage and have an effect on their community. Their aim is to do this through interviewing business, community, and industry leaders about their success and how they got to where they are at in their life and career.