Frequently asked questions about Mobile Lion One ID cards

UCCS continues to roll out Mobile Lion One ID Card on campus. Here are answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about the new mobile ID cards.

Do I have to get a Mobile ID, or can I still get a physical ID card?

UCCS highly encourages that campus members use their Mobile ID. However, if your mobile device is not compatible, you are still able to acquire a physical ID.  

What happens when my phone battery dies?

  • On iPhone 12 and newer, your Mobile ID will continue to work even if the phone battery is depleted. 
  • On older iPhone models and Apple Watch, your Mobile ID will work as long as the phone is powered on and has minimal battery life. 
  • Android Devices – Your Mobile ID will work as long as the phone is awake, but does not need to be unlocked, so the phone must have battery life. We highly encourage students to carry mobile charging bars with them to make sure they do not get locked out of the dorms or lose other access on campus.

Remember, your Lion One Card is more than an ID It gets you access and more around campus.


  • Access to your residence hall
  • Access and use your meal plan and Flex Dollars
  • Access laundry

Commuter and On-Campus

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