UCCS Releases Relaxed COVID-19 Protective Measures



UCCS campus leadership announced Thursday (click here to view the communication from Chancellor Venkat Reddy) new COVID-19 protective measures, including relaxing the mask mandate for the vaccinated campus community, for the Summer and Fall 2021 semesters after data showed a continued downward trend in El Paso County case numbers and an increasingly vaccinated campus population. 

As has been the case throughout the pandemic, UCCS continues to work with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, whose data show a majority of the in-state student population (67 percent to date) has either been partially or fully vaccinated. Because of this, UCCS will be relaxing several pandemic-era restrictions on campus. See the chart below for a detailed outline on the next two phases of protective measures. 

With the summer semester starting next week, class rosters and room assignments are complete and classes will proceed as planned. Summer classes that are scheduled to be remote will remain remote and in-person classes will continue with limited capacity. 

In addition to the mask mandate being relaxed, highlights of the new phases include full capacity starting Aug. 2 for academic areas, visitors, auxiliary areas, events, residence halls, recreation and travel and transportation.  

It is important to note that anyone who has not been vaccinated will be required to quarantine if they are determined through contact tracing to have been exposed to COVID-19. Vaccines are widely available, including a free vaccine clinic at the Wellness Center.  

UCCS will continue to evaluate its position, and any changes to this policy will be broadly communicated to the campus. It is the goal of campus leadership to ensure UCCS students, faculty and staff are protected. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and adjust policies as needed. 

Visit https://returnto.uccs.edu/ for a resource hub and the most up-to-date information.  

UCCS Campus COVID-19 Protective Measures
For Summer and Fall 2021 

Goal Dates “Caution” Phase
June 10 – Aug. 1
“Protect the Pride” Phase
Aug. 2 – Onwards
Trigger Points
for Campus Safety Measures

100-200 incidences per 100k in El Paso County or 

less than 50% of UCCS population vaccinated.  

Mandatory quarantine for unvaccinated persons associated with contact tracing. 

Fewer than 100 incidences per 100K in El Paso County 

or 70% of UCCS population vaccinated. 

Mandatory quarantine for unvaccinated persons associated with contact tracing. 

(Apply to all campus activities)

Vaccination Attestation required

Masks required indoors for unvaccinated individuals.  

Masks encouraged indoors in public areas and classrooms for all. 

Communication about not coming to campus with symptoms.  

Contact tracing and testing for known exposures to unvaccinated population. 

Vaccination Attestation reported

Masks required indoors for unvaccinated individuals.  

Contact tracing and testing for known exposures to unvaccinated population. 

Instructional Delivery All delivery modes as scheduled. All delivery modes as scheduled, primarily in-person.

Encourage social distancing. 

50% of rated fire code capacity.  

Full capacity 
Library Study rooms at capacity. 100 cap per floor.  Full capacity – all floors open.
Research and Labs Social distancing encouraged at full capacity with unlimited access.  Full capacity
Campus Visitors Wellness check required for visitors. Unlimited
Visitors to Residence Halls Two campus visitors per resident permitted. Residence hall rules apply. Wellness check required. No restrictions. Practice social distancing. Residence hall rules apply. 
Family Development Center Full capacity – LPHA contact tracing. Full capacity
Office Staffing Model Office staffing model transitions to meet campus mission. Fully vaccinated cohorts can operate at full capacity. Full capacity
Retail Bookstore Posted occupancy Posted occupancy
Dining and Restaurants Full capacity Full capacity
Catering Full capacity Full capacity
Athletic Events

Follow RMAC guidelines for athletes. 

Limited ticketing for indoor/outdoor events. 

Follow RMAC guidelines for athletes. 

Unlimited ticketing for indoor/outdoor events. 
Wellness Center Visits Some in-person and some remote health care and mental health and counseling visits. 

COVID testing, contact tracing and vaccinations available. 
All in-person care available. 

Optional remote care. 
Indoor Events Unseated Unlimited ticketed event.

Masks required indoors for unvaccinated individuals unless private closed event. 
Full capacity
Indoor Events Seated

Unlimited ticketed event.

Masks required indoors for unvaccinated individuals unless private closed event. 

Full capacity
Outdoor Events Unseated Unlimited ticketed event.  Unlimited ticketed event
Outdoor Events Seated Unlimited ticketed event.  Unlimited ticketed event
Conference Events Unlimited ticketed event or event with guest list.

Masking required for unvaccinated persons unless it is a closed private event. 
Full capacity
Ent Center for the Arts

Unlimited ticketed event.

Follow established protective measures for backstage and children’s events. Meet or exceed Actor’s Equity Union requirements.

Masks required indoors for unvaccinated individuals unless private closed event. 

Full capacity
Fitness Center, Gyms, Aquatics 

Full capacity with masks required indoors for unvaccinated individuals. 

Facility has contact tracing plan in place. 

Full capacity
Group Sports and Camps

50-person cap per cohort group.

Follow CDPHE guidance for children.  

Local Public Health Agency (LPHA) contact tracing. 

Full capacity
Outdoor Recreation at Alpine Field, Trails, S.O.L.E.

100-person cap per cohort group.  

LPHA contact tracing.

Full capacity

Follow CDC guidance – No domestic travel restrictions. 

Personal Services Contract (PSC) setting approval levels. 

Follow CDC guidance – Personal Services Contract (PSC) setting approval levels.  
Transportation Shuttles and Charters

Follow CDC guidance. Operate at full capacity.

Masks required for all individuals during transit. 

Increase ventilation when possible. 

Follow CDC guidance. Operate at full capacity.

Masks required for all individuals during transit. 

Increase ventilation when possible.