Regents approve 29 for sabbatical

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The CU Board of Regents approved semester and academic year sabbaticals for 29 UCCS faculty members for 2020-21 at a Feb. 13 meeting conducted at CU Denver.

Those approved were:

  • Stephen Carter*, assistant professor of English
  • Sarbarish Chakravarty, professor of mathematics
  • Frederick Coolidge, professor of psychology
  • Mary Coussons-Read, professor of psychology
  • Joseph Craig, associate professor of economics
  • Elizabeth Daniels, associate professor of psychology
  • Corey Dreith, associate professor of visual arts
  • Rebecca Duray, professor of operations and technology management
  • Leilani Feliciano, associate professor of psychology
  • Lesley Ginsberg, professor of English
  • Daphne Greenwood, professor of economics
  • Curtis Holder, professor of geography
  • Andrea Hutchins, associate professor of human physiology and nutrition
  • Gary Klein, professor of information systems
  • Jian Ma, associate professor of information systems
  • Brian McAllister, associate professor of accounting
  • Matthew Metzger*, assistant professor of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Gregory Plett, professor of electrical and computer engineering
  • Amy Silva-Smith, professor of nursing
  • Emily Skop, professor of geography and environmental studies
  • Kathrin Spendier*, assistant professor of physics and energy science
  • Kevin Tvrdy*, assistant professor of physical chemistry
  • Robert von Dassanowsky, professor of visual and performing arts, and of languages and cultures
  • Joe Wehrman, associate professor of counseling and human services
  • Yang Wei*, assistant professor of history
  • Henrikka Weir*, assistant professor of criminal justice
  • Mark Wickert, professor of electrical and computer engineering
  • George Woodward, associate professor of finance
  • Yang Xu*, assistant professor of accounting

* = if granted tenure

After six years of service to the university on regular full-time appointment, a tenured member of the faculty is eligible for a sabbatical assignment. Faculty who receive sabbaticals are expected to use the sabbatical assignment to enhance his or her scholarly teaching competence and potential for service to the university and advance departmental program goals.

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