Green Action Fund brings bike repair stations to UCCS

IMG_1236UCCS cyclists can easily make repairs to their bikes, thanks to two new bike repair stations installed this summer at the University Center and Columbine Hall.

Funded by the UCCS Green Action Fund, the stations were installed to support campus riders and to make UCCS a more bike-friendly campus.

“I bike all the time and my biggest fear is getting a flat tire and being stranded somewhere,” Carole Huber, senior instructor, Geography and Environmental Studies, said. Huber submitted the bike repair stand proposal to the Green Action Fund.

According to Huber, the idea of a bike repair station was floated  a few years ago but the campus opted to purchase a portable repair kit that housed at the University Center Information Desk.

“Very few people know the kit is there,” Huber explained. “We wanted to install something that would be visible and easily accessible to everyone on campus.”

The first station is located near the southeast entrance of the University Center and includes a bike stand, an air pump and the tools necessary to make minor repairs and adjustments. The second station is located in front of Columbine Hall and includes a stationary air pump.

On top of helping support current bikers, Huber hopes the stands will encourage others to start biking to and from campus.

“Transportation and parking is obviously a huge issue for our campus,” Huber said. “We’ve got to do whatever we can to alleviate these issues and to help reduce our environmental footprint.”


According to the 2012 UCCS Climate Action Plan, bicycling offers the best alternative to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips to campus, reducing carbon emissions. The bike repair stations also aim to address the UCCS Sustainability Strategic Plan objective to create a pedestrian and bicycle-oriented campus that provides alternative transportation options and reduces the overall greenhouse gas emissions from trips to and from the university and to create a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly campus through improved infrastructure.

For more complex repairs and tune-ups, the UCCS Recreation Center houses the UCCS Bike Shop, where a bike mechanic is available on a walk-in basis Monday through Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. For a full list of the Bike Shop’s services, please visit:

To view the UCCS Sustainability Strategic Plan, visit:

For more information regarding the UCCS Climate Action Plan, visit:

Photos by Philip Denman

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