Free “Never A Victim” classes available for students

Those interested in learning self-defense are invited to attend ‘Never a Victim’ class on campus through the UCCS Police Department.

Doris Rivera-Black founded the program with a mission to “empower all woman and young girls to never be a victim through teaching awareness, avoidance, and simple no-nonsense self-defense techniques to fit all woman regardless of age, background and fitness level. They are dedicated to provide all women with the self-confidence that they need to survive if ever faced with an attack.”

Rivera-Black and UCCS Student Government Association co-sponsor the program so students can attend for free. The cost for faculty, staff and community members is $30.

“It’s a great class, it’s a lot of fun, it’s a very safe environment,” said Lisa Dipzinski, sergeant, UCCS Police, in this week’s Safety Tip Tuesday video. “The class is open to everybody – male, female, older, younger – it doesn’t matter.”

The class is four hours, covering awareness of surroundings, self-defense techniques and practicing the techniques on instructors in protective gear.

To sign up, email Dipzinski at or call (719) 255-5916.

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