Kling named Employee of the Quarter

Heather Kling is not accustomed to the spotlight. In fact, she’d prefer to stay behind the scenes if she could.

Heather Kling
Heather Kling

But after recently being named Employee of the Quarter, Kling, program manager, Office of Veteran and Military Student Affairs, may have to deal with a little extra attention.

The former Army Sergeant First Class and UCCS alum said she was surprised when she was notified of the award and the accompanying day of administrative leave, $100 stipend, certificate of recognition and three months of free and reserved campus parking.

“I’m still flabbergasted,” Kling said. “It’s a great honor that I’m grateful to have received.”

While Kling may be surprised, Phillip Morris, program director, Office of Veteran and Military Student Affairs, was not.

“Heather is the foremost authority at UCCS when it comes to the Department of Veterans Affairs funding and administrative issues,” Morris said. “In addition to managing a very effective processing office, Heather also works diligently with our 10-15 member work-study staff to make sure they perform their jobs well, and learn and grow while working at the OVMSA.”

Alongside coordinating with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Kling represents the OVMSA at orientations, graduate fairs and the numerous military job and education events throughout Colorado Springs.

According to Kling, she wouldn’t have received this award if it wasn’t for the work of her entire office.

“The Office of Military and Veteran Student Affairs has come a long way in the last few years and there’s such great support from everyone here,” Kling said.

Before joining the OVMSA in 2010, Kling served in the United States Army for more than 20 years. After retiring, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the UCCS College of Letters, Arts and Scieces.

Outside of work, Kling is working toward her Masters of Public Administration and enjoys hiking with her three dogs, Sammie, Bailey and Ellie.


— Photos by Philip Denman


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  1. Grads. Heather; It is about time our armed forces are recognized.

    I have been both homeless on and off, and in the homeless field since 1983. The Military has used our homeless crisis hotline too often. I have Uncle Sam fail them as often as the Civilian fails our hero’s. I do not think I will forget the time Maine General Assistance who turned away a national guard family man who served in New York on 9/11/01.

    What was the towns bogus excuse? He his left work on his own, whim.

    On April 15th I have been in CS a year. I want to work to End poverty. This means paying soldiers, and others enough to live on.

    Heather I am hoping you are someone at the university will help me get an old but good computer with Word and perhaps a graphic software, and Abode. So we can step forward as a non-profit. I figure it will take just a bit more work, to get enough working computers for the kids in my 60 units complex whose parents can barely afford rent, and food, never mind a computer.

    The non-profit will be focusing on the ideas which holds poverty in place. like its fine to lie to brave women and men of the armed forces and as to routinely lie to any one else about programs designed to help.

    I can be reached at Jan Hoag, PO Box 63461 Colorado Springs, CO 80962. Or at 719.645.7746

    They say If you want something done ask someone who is busy, to win this award you must be busy and doing something right. Thank you for your time.

  2. Heather Kling!!! Get in touch with me!!! I just posted a picture of you and I from basic training!! I’m on FB and I’m a member on the MP Grad page. It’s great to see you!!!

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