Regents grant tenure to ten faculty

At its June 20 meeting at UCCS, the CU Board of Regents approved awards of tenure and appointments with tenure for 77 faculty members across the system. Among those faculty receiving tenure were ten from UCCS.

Those UCCS faculty who received tenure awards were:

  • Peter A. Braza, Department of Mathematics
  • Amanda J. Elder, Department of Health Sciences
  • Janice M. Gould, Women’s and Ethnic Studies Program
  • Robert R. Hirscheld, College of Business
  • Jon C. Pigage, Department of Biology
  • Edwardo L. Portillos, Department of Sociology
  • Barbara Prinari, Department of Mathematics
  • Sonja M. Tanner, Department of Philosophy
  • Glen C. Whitehead, Department of Visual and Performing Arts
  • George A. Woodward, College of Business

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