Strategic plan headed to Regents

A UCCS strategic plan that will guide the campus for the next eight years will be shared with the CU Board of Regents at the board’s meetings April 18-19 in Denver.

After two all-campus meetings and dozens of small group meetings, Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak will present a draft of Strategic Planning 2020 to the regents. The plan proposes seven values of excellence, a new vision statement and 12 overall goals for the university in the coming years.

“I want to thank everyone who contributed to the direction that we will suggest to the Regents,” Shockley-Zalabak said. “The draft document reflects the broad participation of the campus and represents what happens when we work cooperatively to a common goal.”

A draft version of a new mission statement, which was developed by a 15-member steering committee and shared at a Feb. 8 all campus meeting, is:

UCCS, a premier comprehensive undergraduate and specialized graduate research university, provides students with academically rigorous and life-enriching experiences in a vibrant university community. We advance knowledge, broaden access and integrate student learning with the spirit of discovery for the benefit of southern Colorado, the state, nation and world.”

The UCCS values of excellence are:

We value students and never forget that students are our reason for being. We consider students and student outcomes in all the decisions we make. We provide a supportive environment in order to create lasting and significant educational experiences for every student.

We value integration of teaching and learning with research and creative work. Scholarship enriches teaching and teaching enriches scholarship. We see these activities as interdependent, allowing for synergies that benefit students, faculty and all members of the university community.

We value innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. We are creative problem solvers in the classroom, in our research and in our campus operations. We are catalysts for economic, social and cultural change in our communities. We provide opportunities for our community members to develop the skills of innovation and creative expression.

We value collaboration and teamwork as absolutely necessary for success in today’s world. We model collaboration in our research, teaching, and campus operations. We actively seek opportunities to collaborate, build partnerships and engage with external organizations.

We value inclusive diversity as a foundation for teaching and scholarship that prepares students, faculty, staff and community members for both local and global multicultural realities. We provide an open, safe and supportive campus environment based on mutual respect, engagement and learning for everyone, including the full spectrum of backgrounds, social identities, abilities, cultures, perspectives and university roles.

We value dynamic growth while continuing to be financially responsible, academically sound and environmentally sustainable. We meet the future with energy, enthusiasm and a commitment to retaining a close, interconnected campus community.

We value integrity and expect ethical behavior from each member of the campus community in all interactions. We build an environment where we treat each other with respect and appreciate each other’s contributions.

To see draft university goals, as well as comments submitted throughout the process, please visit

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  1. Hello, I am a Senior Fitness Specialist and an advocate for asyhicpl activity for our seniors. I would love to see this component of active aging flouish in the curriculum at UCCS. We already have an exceptional geropyschology program and a Senior Fitness degree program. UCCS is the only university I have found to offer this degree, and I would love to see it’s potential acheived through increased marketing. Thank you

  2. Did you notice the laquely choreographed, revolting, self-congratulatory speeches by each of the regents regarding the budget process? According to them, they were SO transparent and SO diligent and SO hardworking and SO active in the process If that’s true, then why didn’t they invite anyone other than the president’s cabinet to come to their private meetings? Why didn’t they share ANY of the criteria leading to the layoff decisions?And why are there so many administrators (more than 100, according to recent estimates) who make $100k or more? And why didn’t the Board look to its OWN house first for savings? Really? Eastern needs to spend well over $120 in salary for its secretary, plus her student assistant, plus countless catered lunches, dinners, retreats and who knows what else, supporting the Regents?

  3. We’re both CU alums & we are probably in the rmoniity, but we feel that Ward Churchill wasn’t treated fairly. We agree that he always doesn’t present himself in the most professional way, but he does represent the Native American voice & I think CU have disrespected their history. We think you should pay his legal fees & give him a small cash settlement just to show some respect to some of his work in Native American studies. We don’t think he should be reinstated though as he doesn’t have a PhD & it’s best for the university to move on. Gov. Owens & Bush/Cheney set such a negative confrontational style & we think CU didn’t handle themselves in the most professional way either during that time.Thank You,The Pucketts

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