Training sessions available for employees for annual evaluations

Mountain Lion statue on El Pomar Plaza
UCCS Mountain Lion Statue in El Pomar Plaza (Photo by Glenn Asakawa/University of Colorado)

Annual evaluations for employees are due throughout the spring semester, and Human Resources will provide training for supervisors and employees on best practices to complete their evaluations in a series of sessions in the final weeks of January. Additional training for supervisors and employees is available by request through the Human Resources office.

A wait list is available for training for supervisors Jan. 24 and the first employee self-evaluation session Jan. 23, but registrations are still available for a Jan. 30 session for employee self-evaluations. To request addition dates and times, contact Human Resources at 255-3372 or at [email protected].

The university staff evaluation period runs through Jan. 31, and performance rating forms are due by March 1. A new performance plan for university staff is due April 1.

The classified staff evaluation period runs through March 31, and the performance planning and evaluation forms must be submitted by April 30. New performance plans should be finalized by June 1.

The faculty evaluation period ended Dec. 31 and annual performance rating forms are due to HR by May 15.

Evaluations for university staff and faculty are governed by CU Regent Law Article 11, CU Administrative Policy 5008 for faculty and CU Administrative Policy Statement 5009 for university staff. Classified staff evaluations are governed by the State of Colorado Personnel Board. Additional information on the evaluation process for each employee category is available at

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