Vehicle break-ins prevention on campus

Vehicle break-ins can happen within a matter of seconds – UCCS Police reminds the campus community of that threat in a Oct. 16 Safety Tip Tuesday video.

“Vehicle break-ins are crimes of opportunity,” Kurt Liljekvist, officer, UCCS Police said. “When you leave valuables in your car such as purse, wallet, keys, iPad – those are things that thieves look for.”

If your items do get stolen, Liljekvist urges community members to notify the police and financial institution in the case of missing cards.

“Don’t be a victim and keep your valuables out of your vehicle and keep your vehicle locked up at all times,” Liljekvist said. “While it’s best not to leave valuables in the car, if you do, make sure they are out of sight.”

The UCCS Police Department employs 17 sworn, state-certified and commissioned peace officers in addition to five campus service and housing security officers. UCCS Police work with other agencies on vehicle break-ins, and a series of burglaries last year resulted in three arrests.

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