UCCS launches new marketing campaign

A new marketing campaign “UCCS fuels Success” launched Sept. 17 to share the core values of UCCS across the nation and world.

The campaign comes from a partnership between Karsh Hagan, an award-winning agency in Denver, and UCCS. Over the past year, Karsh Hagan conducted market research and worked with UCCS Marketing and Communications to create and test four concepts with prospective and current students, along with members of the campus community.

“This campaign demonstrates our commitment to bringing these values to life and sharing our story in a broad and strategic way,” Chancellor Venkat Reddy said in an email to campus employees.

UCCS’ core values include: student focus, integration, innovation, collaboration, inclusive diversity, dynamic responsible growth and integrity.

Karsh Hagan will continue to create new initiatives throughout the campaign, including ads on television and social media, billboards, magazines, new campus murals, banners and more. The UCCS Web Services team worked with Karsh Hagan to refresh the UCCS website to support the new campaign.

“We are spending significantly less than our competitors in these efforts, and I am confident we will see returns on our investments,” Reddy said.

The first ad on television will air Oct. 1 during Monday Night Football in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas.

“Our focus is still on our students, faculty, staff, alumni and our community,” Reddy said. “Our vision is to advance knowledge, further the spirit of discovery and broaden access to higher education. Because at UCCS, we do not just believe in success: we fuel it.”

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