Recycled gets recommendation

Popular paper order numbers from Staples:

Letter, SKU 492071 (ream), SKU 492072 (carton)

Letter 3 hole, SKU 580524 (ream)

Legal, SKU 58025 (ream)

Tabloid, SKU 580336.

It’s easy being green.

Beginning this month, UCCS departments are strongly encouraged to use paper that has at least 30 percent recycled content. The request comes as UCCS tries to achieve its own sustainability goals as well as comply with Governor Bill Ritter’s Greening of State Government executive order.

In a campus memo, Brian Burnett, vice chancellor, Administration and Finance, asked campus offices to increase use of recycled papers. Last year, about 40 percent of paper purchased at UCCS had 30 percent or more recycled content. The memo provided specific numbers for paper purchases from Staples, the university’s office supply contractor.

“Once again, individuals that make up the campus community have demonstrated a commitment that has made the university an environmental leader,” Burnett wrote. “Thank you for your support and persistence in reaching toward our goals.”

What’s the price of the change? For campus departments, a ream (500 sheets) of recycled paper will cost about 28 cents more than comparable amount of virgin paper. The long-term benefits are just as tangible. By using 30 percent recycled paper, seven trees are saved for every 40 cartons of paper used, according to Linda Kogan, director, Office of Sustainability.

Questions? Contact Kogan, [email protected] or 255-3757.

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