Chancellor Memo: Trump campaign to lease Gallogly

To the Campus Community:

Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak
Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak

I am writing to advise that the Donald Trump campaign has contacted the university and requested a contract to lease the Gallogly Events Center on Friday for a campaign rally.

As a university, we do not endorse a specific campaign or political agenda. As you know, we make our facilities available for lease when they are not being used for educational or athletic purposes. All ticket distribution and event admission decisions will be made by the Trump campaign. UCCS received no tickets for this event.

While every effort is being made to minimize disruption to campus, some changes in campus operation are necessary to ensure the safety of our visitors. These changes are:

  • The University Center Upper Plaza and Upper Plaza east and west access will be closed beginning at 7 a.m. on Friday until mid-afternoon. The Bookstore, Clyde’s, the Copy Center and Sanatorium Grounds Coffee will operate normally.
  • The Pedestrian Spine walkway through the University Center will be closed most of Friday. Students, faculty and staff who need to traverse from buildings on the east side of campus (Main, Cragmor, Dwire, etc.) to the west side of campus (Columbine, Osborne, Engineering, etc.) will need to find an alternative route.
  • Those holding tickets for the Trump event are likely to line up on the pedestrian spine in front of Dwire Hall and Main Hall. Non ticket holders will be directed to the Cragmor Green space or to outdoor space on the first floor of the University Center.
  • Parking in lot 222 in front of Centennial Hall will be restricted to media and disability parking. If you normally park in this lot, I ask that you park in another lot or the Parkway Garage. The visitors will be asked to park in the Alpine Valley garage and will pay to do so.

Additionally, you will likely notice an increased security presence with officers from Colorado Springs Police, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, and the Secret Service, in addition to our own Campus Police. Rules similar to those used in airport travel will be in effect at Gallogly and Berger Hall.

We expect a large number of individuals on campus on Friday. If you would like to be part of an ambassador group to assist our students, campus tour groups, and provide way-finding for those on our campus for the event, please contact Megan Bell or Tamara Moore. Offices that receive questions about why UCCS is hosting this event are encouraged to forward them to my office, 255-3436.

As always, I appreciate your cooperation in representing UCCS.



Pam Shockley-Zalabak

13 Comments on Chancellor Memo: Trump campaign to lease Gallogly

  1. I think that regardless of the political affiliation that the college has, it is reprehensible that UCCS is allowing this sort of event to be held on campus. I say this because of the disgust that I feel when acknowledging that in doing so, UCCS is condoning violent and hateful rhetoric. A collegiate institution is the last place that should cater to the sort of pandering ignorant nonsense that the Trump campaign has built it’s platform upon. While it would be extreme to say that I would no longer like to attend UCCS, I am now seriously considering my involvement with UCCS and the University of Colorado as a whole.

  2. I bet if Hillary were coming, UCCS and the Chancellor would be waiving the pom poms and endorsing her.

  3. Thane you for this very clear statement of policy – UCCS is merely renting the space when it is not being used by the university. I do not view this as an endorsement of anyone’s view! Thanks for being proactive! Best regards!

  4. Anything for the almighty dollar — even hosting someone who has encouraged a foreign, enemy government to hack into a private email server? Who has targeted Latinos and Muslims? Who has suggested that maybe “good” Christians should be treated favorably by the IRS? This is not being neutral — this is accepting a dangerous and possibly treasonous man onto your campus. I am shocked and ashamed to be a UCCS alum. Over and over again you have chosen to put money ahead of ethics. I never would have thought this of you back when I sat in your communications classroom.

  5. It is clear that you lack concern for the safety of the UCCS student population, faculty, and staff; particularly those who are women, racial minorities, religious minorities, disabled, and/or LGBQT. People are already declaring that they will be staying home because they fear for their safety as a direct result of this rally.

  6. I hope you charged enough to build a new parking garage and get payment in full up front. He’s accused of not paying people as promised

  7. No political agenda? How about the safety of our students? I am extremely disappointed in UCCS. Money does not ‘trump’ the well-being of others.

  8. Wow, what a wonderful opportunity for my alumni! UCCS continues to showcase its continuing growth and importance to the southern Colorado community as it plays venue to major, headline individuals. From Senate campaign debate performances to having presidential candidates speak, UCCS continues to stand apart from its contemporaries. This is also a great opportunity for Mountain Lions to hear and understand a diversity of thought in this year’s presidential election. Universities should be a breeding ground for discussion and discourse on the issues we face as our students truly are the future leaders of this nation. Kudos to the university for making this happen!

  9. I commend your honoring the contract. A public university should allow either side to speak in your facilities. Do not bend to any protesters who do not agree with this decision. Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly should not be hindered by those who do not agree with the speakers.

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