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Nov. 12, 2015

While troubling, the recent events at the University of Missouri, and at other schools, can serve as important reminders of the importance of ongoing discussions about inclusive diversity on campus and in our community. Inclusive diversity is a core value of UCCS. These events at the University of Missouri and elsewhere also can lead us to discussions about respect, free speech, and the responsibility we all bear to make UCCS both an inclusive community and one where difficult issues are addressed in a productive, respectful, and timely manner.

While I believe we have appropriate structures to address important issues and concerns, including an associate vice chancellor for inclusion position, an office of student multicultural affairs, an office of institutional equity, the faculty minority affairs committee, PRIDE, Spectrum and an ombuds among others, the success of these efforts is dependent on all of us. As your chancellor, I again affirm the UCCS commitment to inclusive diversity and my willingness to listen to concerns and take action. In addition to reporting incidents of concern, it is incumbent on us to be vigilant in preventing them. We must use our roles as faculty and staff members to model inclusion for those who may, for the first time, encounter someone whose background differs from their own.

To ensure that we are discussing issues of importance, the campus vice chancellors and I will lead a community conversation at noon Nov. 20 in Dwire Hall Room 121. I ask that you join me and that you bring your ideas about how we ensure a campus environment that is truly inclusive and one where issues of importance are brought forward in a timely manner.


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