Name change: ODH becomes Institutional Equity

The Office of Discrimination and Harassment recently changed its name to the Office of Institutional Equity.

Julia Paris, title IX coordinator and director, Office of Institutional Equity, announced the change and said it was made to better reflect the office’s duties.

“We are a resource for faculty, staff and students on campus,” Paris said. “This name change reflects the variety of issues this office handles.”

In addition to conducting investigations of formal claims of sexual harassment and protected class discrimination and harassment, the office conducts informal interventions and provides outreach, advice, education and other services to individuals dealing with sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and discrimination and harassment based on protected class status. Paris emphasized that many of the office’s actions are informal and include working with individuals to resolve differences.

The Office of Institutional Equity is located on the fifth floor of the Academic Office Building and is staffed by Paris and Kelly Mattingly, investigative assistant. They can be reached by calling 255-4324.

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