Bozhko awarded National Science Foundation CAREER grant

UCCS is taking a quantum leap.

Assistant Professor Dmytro Bozhko, Ph.D., has been awarded a highly prestigious CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to advance understanding of macroscopic quantum phenomena and establish experimental, hands-on quantum physics curricula.

The grant, titled “CAREER: Fundamental phenomena in magnon condensates,” will be used to develop a setup for studying magnetic excitations using optical and microwave probing techniques and to delve into studies of the magnonic macroscopic quantum states in a broad range of temperatures from ambient to cryogenic.

“This award is one of the most valuable recognitions of my research and educational efforts,” Bozhko said. “It provides significant resources to conduct my research, and also supports my ambitious goal of establishing a quantum educational program at our department to support the overall Colorado mission of becoming the U.S. leader in quantum education and technology.”

The project will also establish the campus’s first quantum laboratory course with crucial opportunities for students to participate in coursework that goes beyond theoretical material. Both undergraduate and graduate students will have access to new equipment and labs.

“Having hands-on experience is very important for understanding such theory-heavy courses like quantum mechanics,” Bozhko noted. “The grant provides me with resources to support students’ research and education on various academic levels. I hope that the introduction of modern education directions will make our curriculum more diverse and will attract more students to our program.”

Taking place over the next five years, the project comes through the Faculty Early Career Development Program in the Division of Materials Research (DMR). The program “supports early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their department or organization.”

“I would like to thank Physics Department Chair Distinguished Professor Zbigniew Celinski for his strong support of my research and educational work,” said Bozhko. “Also, I would like to thank Dr. Kelly McNear, our research development coordinator, and Dr. Chris Creighton, instructional designer in the FRC, for their valuable insight and discussions around our current education system and the unique challenges we face at UCCS. With their help, I was able to better understand the needs of the university and the best practices applicable to UCCS.”

About the Prof. Bozhko’s Microwave Magnonics Group

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