Creating his educational toolbox | Mitch Turano ’22

Mitch Turano

Mitch Turano ‘22 earned his degree in business management and a minor in finance. Today, he is the agency owner of a local Farmers Insurance Agency, and he is achieving everything he set out to accomplish and more.  

Growing up, Mitch had the positive influence of his grandfather and his dad. Family has always meant the world to him, and his decision to study business was due to his family.  

“I was always interested in business; I grew up hearing business talk in my house because my dad and grandfather were managers,” said Mitch. “I computed numbers when I was a kid and I was financially planning when I was 10 and 11, I nerded out on business stuff and I can thank my dad for that.” 

Mitch never found business topics boring and, after enrolling at UCCS, the College of Business nurtured his interests and enhanced his knowledge.  

“The whole education I received from the College of Business was amazing,” said Mitch. “It was really helpful, and I view my education as a toolbox.” 

As someone leading a small team straight out of college, Mitch often uses that toolbox he gained from UCCS and applies it to his daily life. 

“Professor Van Ness was a wonderful personality and person,” said Mitch. “I took his operations management class and his conflict management course, and conflict management has helped me a lot. Everyone tries to be nice in business but when people get upset or angry, I go back to what Professor Van Ness taught me and it has truly shaped me into the leader and deescalator that I want to be.” 

A core memory of Mitch’s time at UCCS was also being a student in professor Hallaron’s intro to nonprofit course. 

“Professor Hallaron showed my class the nonprofit side of business and it was a great experience,” said Mitch. “She took us on field trips to see homeless outreach and tons of different local nonprofit sectors and really getting in touch with giving back and the legacy you want to leave behind, I really enjoyed that class.” 

Mitch’s four years at UCCS shaped him into the person he is today — and he has a desire to stay connected to the university.  

“UCCS gave me so much and I want to be that loudspeaker to tell others to get involved and stay involved with the campus,” said Mitch. 

His plans are to stay engaged with the campus to motivate students and offer support.  

Some advice he has to offer current students is this:  

“You have the time, create the balance of what you want and get the full campus experience,” said Mitch. “Look around at your peers and build relationships with them. If school starts to feel like a lot, remember to take things day by day or hour by hour or minute by minute. And find something to look forward to in every single day.” 

Mitch is a proud business owner who is ready for the next chapter in his life, and he looks forward to staying connected with the university.  

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